The Preschool Primer--
Tips, Advice, Theme Suggestions and more!

The Preschool Primer --
it is my way of sending YOU what you need as you work in this wonderful world of preschool!

In each online issue, you'll find suggestions for preschool themes and lesson plans for the upcoming month, teaching tips and tools, interest learning center information and early childhood education articles.  

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In addition--you will receive my FREE Lesson Planning Forms Packet!  It includes the forms I use to plan themes.

You'll receive the daily planning form where you can list the materials you need each day and details of all your activities for the day.  You'll also receive the weekly planning from where you'll have your week at a glance......organized!

The Preschool Primer is sent out a couple of times a month.  You won't want to miss this information!  

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What Will I Find in the Preschool Primer?

Each issue will have a tip, tool or article just for preschool teachers/educators!  Some items you might find:

  • Interest learning center information and ideas.
  • Articles and ideas to stay current in the field.
  • Organizational tips (such as how to organize your magazine collection!).
  • Notification of new pages or resources added to the website before anyone else!
  • Theme suggestions for the following month sent out to you by the 10th of THIS month!
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