More Activities for Transitions in Your Preschool Classroom

Here are activities for transitions that happen in your classroom! If you have more ideas, send them to me using the submission form at the bottom of this page and I'll add them to this page with your name!

Tong Time! Thank you Rebecca from Watervliet, NY for this idea!

I purchased small tongs for clean up time. Instead of telling the kids to clean up I just turn off the lights and put out the basket of tongs.

Once they each get a pair of tongs, we start singing our favorite songs while they use them to pick up the toys and put them away.

This is great for fine motor and the children don't even realize they are cleaning and not playing!

When we have a few extra minutes, after the kids get all the blocks cleaned up I will dump it out and we do it again, naming the color of the blocks as they drop them in the bucket!

The kids absolutely love this and it has made cleanup time so much easier!

Get the Wiggles Out


I wiggle my fingers and then my toes.

I wiggle my shoulders and then my nose.

The wiggles are gone--there are no more in me!

So now I can sit still as still can be! Shhhhhhhh!

Time to Hop!

When transitioning to another activity, try hopping for a while first!

Let's hop to line up! Hop on one foot and count 5 hops. Then hop the rest of the way on two feet.

Let's hop to the bathroom.

Let's hop in a circle!

Whose Name is this?

Materials Needed: Premade index cards or colored paper--one for each child--with their first name on the front and their last name on the back.

I have made these cards and also a second set that has their photograph on the card with their first name.

Use these cards for transition activities any time you need it!

Idea #1: Have the children sit down and tell them to stand up only when you hold up their name (use the cards based on their recognition level of their name--picture, first name, last name)

Idea #2: Each child comes up to you to take their first name tag when you hold it up and then sit back down.

You then hold up a last name card. If the child recognizes it, great! If not, say the last name. The child whose name it is then comes to give you their first name card. Ask them to say their full name or you say it. That child then goes to the activity you are going to (the next activity, the bathroom, line up, etc.).

Which Letter Is This?

Materials Needed: Premade sets of letters (2 sets).

Give each child a letter.

Place the matching letters on the floor.

Each child, one at a time, comes up and places their letter on its matching letter.

You could also have them match upper case letters to lower case letters.

You could also make sets of numerals to match.

You could ALSO make a set of numbers and a set of cards with dots on them. The child counts the dots on their card and than places their card on the corresponding numbers.

You could ALSO make color cards for them to match!

Circle Time Transition Fun! Thank you to Barb from Gilbert, AZ for this activity!

For transitions or children struggling to sit still, I use positional words and have the children stand up to act them out.

Say "Shake your hands above you. Shake your hands behind you Shake your hands under you(that is their favorite).

Sometimes I have the children jump up and down and count to a certain number. This helps to get the wiggles out while still learning important words as well as practice counting.

They love it and always laugh when we put our hands under us! I also have the children touch their body parts such as, "Touch your nose, elbow, ear" etc. We like to do this slow and fast as well and they think it is really silly!


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