From a Hope to a Reality

"The two greatest gifts we can give our children are roots...and wings." Author unknown

Hi! My name is Cheryl! I'm honored that you've come to visit my preschool planning site!

This page is to tell you a little about me as well as how Preschool-Plan-It came to be!

A little about me... I'm married and a Mom of two awesome daughters. I've been teaching and/or directing in preschool for over 19 years.

Preschool Plan-it has been a website just waiting for a time to happen! And I do mean waiting...for a very long time!

When I first entered the early childhood field in the mid-1990's, I began accumulating so many ideas for activities for preschool children. I've kept just about all of them over the years!

In 1995, I decided to write some helpful booklets for parents of preschoolers and some themed books for preschool teachers. I wrote up outlines and a few table of contents. Well, making a decision and taking action are two different things!

In 1996, I entered college to earn a degree in early childhood. So, working full-time, taking classes at night and on weekends and family life did not allow much time for pulling a few booklets together! So, those plans went on the back burner. I graduated in 1999 with my undergraduate degree in Early Childhood Education.

In the summer of 2010, with both our children grown up and no longer at home, we decided it was time to downsize our home. I realized from looking through all files of preschool themed activities that I had collected over the years, that NOW was the time to rethink the publishing idea again.

However, I also realized that as teachers, we have very little, if any, budget money. So my challenge was:

How do I provide my years of accumulated one-week themes at NO COST to teachers?

Hmmmmm! I discussed this dilemma with our oldest daughter and said, "I can not make money providing themes without charging for them."

Her response, quite frankly, stunned me. "Mom, have you ever thought of starting a website? You could provide all your themes AT NO CHARGE to teachers but still earn an income from the website!".

WHAT??!!! How is that possible? She told me that I could build my own website or hire someone to build it. She told me that there are many ways to monetize a website without having a membership fee.

Well, I researched...and researched...and researched! One of the companies I found was SBI! It is SBI! that I chose to use to build my own website and, 3 years later, am happy I did!

That is how Preschool Plan-It was born! I began building this website in September of 2010 and it is now what you see today with the help of SBI!

Do you have a passion? Information you'd like to get out to others?

Let me tell you a little about building websites....... well, I know VERY LITTLE!

Fortunately, SBI! has online tutorials, a 10 Day Action Guide and very active Forums where I've received help and support from other SBI! website owners.

Rather than pay a domain fee, monthly webhosting fee, looking up keywords that are popular and many other things that I know NOTHING about, nor do I WANT to know anything about, I pay $299.00 a year and have ALL OF THAT information at my fingertips!

The company programs showed me, step by step, how to build a quality site over time.

I was working in the early childhood field full time when I began building this website in late 2010. Therefore, I did not put a lot of time each week into the website, only about 5 sometimes 10 hours per week.

I published the website in early 2011. I earned my first check in March, 2011...a whopping $1.23 (yes, One dollar and 23 cents!). I continued working about 5 hours a week on the website.

Some months I put more hours in and for several months, I put under 5 hours total into building the site.

Over the past 3 years, by being consistent most of the time, I have met my two original goals:

1. Through this website, I have been able to provide free information to preschool teachers, Moms and others who work with this fantastic age group!

2. In March 2012, I met my goal of making $300 a month. My income tripled that amount beginning August of 2012--just 5 months later!

I am now able to work full-time on my website from home! (I might have been able to do this sooner had I put more time into the website each week from the beginning.)

I LOVE the early childhood field! This website allows me to be in the field part-time and help others in the field online full time!

What is your passion? Do you notice that your friends call you about a specific thing? Perhaps it's budgeting or gardening, or painting! If you have a passion that you'd like to share while still earning an income, I encourage you to check out SBI!

Mark Twain once said "The secret of success is to make your vocation your vacation." What is yours?

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