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Math Workshop available!
February 28, 2014
Hi There!

Math in the Preschool Classroom Workshop

Math in the Preschool Classroom Workshop Now Available!

I know how difficult it is to find workshops that are relevant to our field as well as affordable. Yet, they are an integral part of staying current in our field and, for many of us, are required by state licensing.

This math workshop is the second in a series of many workshops to come to the website this year!

About The Workshop

Math in preschool is SO much more than memorizing numbers and counting......In this workshop you will: -Define math.

-Learn the basic math process skills that preschoolers develop through math activities.

-Learn how teachers have traditionally presented math to preschoolers and how you can do so in a developmentally appropriate way.

-Learn how to assess your current students’ math skills.

-Learn how to set up a Math Interest Area in your classroom.

-Learn math activities to implement throughout your classroom.

-Plan math activities for each interest center in your own classroom.

This is a 4 hour online workshop. Cost: $10.00

You will receive feedback on each assignment submitted. When you have successfully completed and submitted all assignments, you will receive a certificate of completion.

You can find the workshop at Online Preschool Workshops Page

Until Next Time, Cheryl

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