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Miss Mel Asks:

Miss Mel asks: Just a little question .. Do you have to do a long range planning for your preschooler.. I have one , but it more for kindergarten.. I'd be very please if some could share ideas or theirs .. * I need help *
Miss Cheryl Says:

Most programs I've worked in or with allow the teachers to come up with their own long range plans (for the year) based on the developmental levels of the students in the group each year.

However, I think sharing would be a great idea. I will work on a page this month about long term planning and see how to add a sharing section.

So, here it is. Miss Mel's plan and wow.......she certainly has put a lot of time and effort into this! I am adding it here so that you can all review the plan, give suggestions, ideas or perhaps share your own!

One change I would make is the reading buddies. That is a kindergarten activity where students are paired up with older grade children.

Another change might be printing of letters. I teach letter recognition and letter formation throughout the year through print rich activities in most learning centers. However, I do not present it using specific letters of the week or month.

In this plan, there are 9 or more per quarter. Practicing printing does not necessarily translate into letter learning.

What are your thoughts?

I have added 4 images here to give you an overview of her long range planning.

What suggestions, advice, additions, deletions or changes would you recommend for her to make the plan preschool focused. This is a pre-kindergarten group, so think 4-5 year olds.

Description of images:

The first image is for September-November. As you can see, she has a column for the following goals: Language Arts, Math, Science, Personal and Social Development and Health & Physical Education.

The items listed in the column are those she will work on with the children throughout the 3 month period.

On the Second Image, you will see additional goals for Character Education, Art and Fine Motor Skills development.

At the bottom of this second image, you will see the sources she will use as well as the observational and assessment tools she will use.

The third image is the first page only for November - February and the fourth image is for February -June.

I apologize for the overlap in some of the wording. That is my error, not Miss Mel's. I could not get the document to align perfectly. However it is still readable.

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