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Shopping at Amazon???

Yes, you can!

As you know, I LOVE everything preschool!  My hope is that the resources and content you find on this website help you every day as you work with your preschoolers!  

Building, maintaining and creating themes and articles for this site takes much time, effort…..and money!  If you find the information on Preschool Plan It helpful, you can support the website in return---and it won't cost you a thing!

I love Amazon, as most teachers do, because of their prices and quick shipping!

Do you shop at If you do, please use Preschool Plan It's link! When you click on any Amazon link on my website and purchase something from them, they pay me a small referral fee.

Using my link does not affect the price you pay in any way.  All it does is let’s Amazon know HOW you found their site.  I am not given any information about you or what you purchase.  I am simply paid a small referral fee.

Whenever you shop at Amazon--whether it be for preschool items or personal shopping for yourself-- and go through Preschool Plan It's Amazon link, Amazon pays us a referral fee.

How Does That Work?

  1. Click on any Amazon picture or link from Preschool Plan It.
  2. Shop and place your order as you always do.
  3. That's it!

Amazon will recognize that you were referred to their website from Preschool Plan It and will pay Preschool Plan It a small referral fee.

Amazon does NOT tell me who used the link or what you purchased.

Using Preschool Plan It's Amazon link helps support the website and offset some of the monthly costs associated with running a website!

Bookmark this and use it anytime you shop at Amazon to support Preschool Plan It! I truly appreciate it!

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