Preschool Health Lessons for Kids
from The Singing Nurse

The Singing Nurse Health Lessons For Kids

by Dawn Ginese R.N. 

Music and singing have a way of helping children learn.  The Singing Nurse curriculum combines songs into the curriculum to help your students learn wonderful lessons about their own health!

Teaching Concepts

There are many concepts we try to teach our preschoolers throughout the year.  We might call them Self Help Skills.  Some of these skills are:

  • Washing hands
  • Sneezing--but NOT into our hands.
  • Brushing teeth.
  • Dressing ourselves
  • And more!

The Singing Nurse is a curriculum written by Dawn Ginese, R.N. and covers the health concepts listed above and more!

This curriculum covers many health topics including hand Washing, dental hygiene, germs (flu prevention), Lyme disease prevention and body parts.  

In addition, The Singing Nurse curriculum discusses visiting the dentist and the audiologist--appointments that can create anxiety in many children!  

There are 8 teaching sections of the curriculum, each teaching one concept and each having its own song to teach your preschoolers!

Song in Curriculum:

Concept/Area Covered:

Rubba Dub Dub

Hand Washing

I'm Gonna Brush My Teeth

Dental Hygiene

The Dentist Is A Good Guy

Dentist Visit

Don't Spread Your Germs Around

Flu Prevention

The Tick Song

Lyme Disease Prevention

The Audiologist

Audiologist Visit

Just Like The Ocean Sands

You Are Special

Babies Are Beautiful

Body Parts/Kindness

There is a 9th section called TSN Health Lesson Resource Section.

This section has the lyrics to the songs and the images or pictures you will need for the sessions.  Check out these cute printouts for the Germs lesson!

The Preschool Lesson Plans

Each section is organized so well!  For each lesson it will list:

Learning Goals 

Materials Needed

Discussion Prompts 

The Music

I LOVED each and every song from The Singing Nurse music CD!  The songs each have their own genre and style.  Each song is fun, upbeat and easy for preschoolers to learn.  Be careful:  Songs WILL get stuck in your head!  They are great!

These could easily become your new songs to teach these skills throughout the year when washing hands, brushing (or teaching about) brushing teeth, learning about the dentist during Dental Health Month in February and when you have to do tick checks during that season!

The Author of The Singing Nurse

The author, Dawn Ginese, is a registered nurse.  She brings that knowledge and experience and combines it with her knowledge of preschoolers from being a nurse at Head Start programs together.  That combination makes for a very hands-on, developmentally appropriate way of teaching preschoolers!


This curriculum, in my opinion, was put together with preschoolers and appropriate preschool outcomes in mind.

It would be a great addition to many of your themes throughout the year including Dental Health, Babies, All About Me, Doctor, and Nurse themes.

Disclaimer: I was offered a copy of this curriculum to use and review by The Singing Nurse in exchange for my honest review.  I was not required to have a positive review and no money exchanged hands. 

If you are looking for the music only, click the picture to the right read more!

For the full curriculum, click the link to the right.

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