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January 2015 Newsletter
December 28, 2014
Hi There!

January 2015 Newsletter

Welcome to the 36th issue of the Preschool Plan-It Primer, a free newsletter from .

My hope is that you find information in each newsletter that is helpful to you- the Early Childhood Educator- as you work with this wonderful group called Preschoolers! This is the mini-newsletter that focuses on theme suggestions and new additions to the website.

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January 2015, Issue # 36

In This Issue:

Article: New Website Update!

Theme Suggestions for January

What’s New? Search It, Find It, Plan It!

The Preschool Professor!

Happy New Year.....almost! I truly am shocked that it is only a few days away from a new year as I type this! I don't know if my surprise is because the weather has been, dare I say, mild so far? But nonetheless, here come January!

I wanted to update you on my new website I mentioned in last month's newsletter!

To recap, I purchased The Preschool Professor!

This website was built as a resource to train teachers and parents of preschoolers. I am so excited that Lindy McLean, the previous owner, has entrusted me with the website's future!

It will be the perfect sister to this website, Preschool Plan It, and make our preschool information access complete!

Preschool Plan It will continue to be the website that we all use for themes, preschool lesson plans and activities.

Preschool Director is specifically for the administrative duties of running a preschool program.

The Preschool Professor will be the website that we will use for those "how-to" articles and training information.

I have spent the past month or so updating each page to a new format that I could work in. That work is almost done.

This month (January), my goal will be to reorganize the site so that it is easier for us to find everything.

The main areas will be:

Preschool Teachers Preschool Parents Preschoolers Preschool Classroom Lesson Planning Preschool Curricula Preschool Graduation and, eventually Preschool Christian Education.

Please head over and check it out! Let me know what you think about the site, what you think would be helpful to you to add to the site or any other ideas and suggestions!

You can also stay updated on what is happening on the site by liking my Preschool Professor Facebook Page!

In addition, if you sign up for the Free newsletter on that site, The Preschool Press, you will receive a free e-book! Check it out!

What's New here at Preschool Plan It?

A few new pages were added to the website this past month! Click the links below to view them!

Mice As Classroom Pets Article

Hermit Crabs as Classroom Pets Article

Mice Theme

Kwanzaa Theme

Hanukkah Theme

Theme Suggestions for January

Below are many monthly theme suggestions for you to choose for your classroom! Regardless of the themes you choose, I think EVERY class needs some

You may have already seen it, but wow........this stuff is SO amazing and somewhat magical to watch in action! Here is a youtube video of it: Steve Spangler and InstaSnow! in action!

You can Purchase Some Here or at your local teacher store!

Here are the theme suggestions for January!

Happy New Year Theme

"Noisy" Theme! to supplement your New Year Theme!

Martin Luther King Jr. Theme Observed Monday, January 19th, 2015

100th Day Theme The date will vary depending on when your program started and how often your group meets...but it is 'a comin'!

Winter Animals Theme

Snow Theme

Hibernation Theme

Ice Theme

Space Theme

Home Theme

Pizza Theme

Creation Theme

In-Service Workshops

Looking to get some in-service hours in this month? These workshops might qualify in your state/province (check with your Director or Licensing Regulations to be sure):

Online Workshops for Preschool Teachers

The Preschool Cubby- My Resource Center!

With over 150 themes on my theme page, there are many activities to make your own activities using clip art, magazine pictures and other pictures. I have received many emails asking if the games are available some where to print and use.

Based on these requests, I have begun to put many of these resources together in resource packs.

The packs will have between 30-70 pages of activities that you can print, cut, laminate and use!

Some of the resources will include matching games, board games, math activities, circle time and small group charts, science printables and more!

They will be available in my store, The Preschool Cubby, found on the website at Preschool Cubby Resource Center

There are a couple of freebies there! A Circle Time Conversation Poster and a Bread Theme

New Resources Added to the Preschool Cubby

Christmas Theme Resource

Other Available Resources on the Website:

Preschool Plan-It Amazon Store (Recommended Preschool Items)

My Store (Personal Books and Items for sale)

Product Review Page A page to find honest reviews on books and products I have personally read or used in the classroom.

Comments? Ideas for future newsletters? Feedback? This newsletter is written FOR you, so I'd love to hear from you. Just reply to this zine and tell me what you think!

Until Next Time,


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