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Welcome to the Product Reviews Page!

On this page, you will find my own reviews of products which may include books, e-books, toys and other activities that are preschool related.

This is a great opportunity for me to review items that are in the early childhood field and to pass my opinion and information on these items on to you.

Some of the products are sent to me as "Advanced Review Copies" or ARC's.  This means that the product was sent to me by the company or publisher at no charge for me to review and post a review.

I am expected to give an honest review.  I am not required or asked to give a positive review or discuss a product in a "positive" light, and, I am not paid for reviewing these items.

Other products are just ones that I LOVE!

My goal is, as always, to provide those of us in the field information to help make decisions for your classrooms that will benefit the children and families in your care.


Books & Teaching Resources



Would you like me to review YOUR company's product?

Contact Me by Clicking Here but be sure to include the following:

Include the following information:

Company Name and Contact person name

email and telephone number contact

Product(s) you are interested in having me review.

In accordance with new FTC Guidelines for blogging and endorsements, please know that books and products that I review are provided to me by the publisher, author or company at no charge and no payments are received by me for reviews.

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