Preschool Graduation:
What's Your Plan?

Preschool Graduation.......already?  Yes!  There are so, so many details to consider for this special day!

We need to consider the basics such as:

  • Why we have a graduation!  
  • Where to have it?
  • During the day, at night or over the weekend?
  • What type of program should we have?
  • Who will be in charge of decorating, setting up, cleaning up?
  • Will you be making a gift for the children?
  • Will you be making a gift for the families FROM the children?
  • What about invitations?
  • What about preschool graduation diplomas?

And this is only the beginning of the questions!

Planning Preschool Graduation

I have 8 pages CHOCK FULL of information for you to go through!  

You will find most of them on my sister site, The Preschool Professor. 

Here is a map of where to find the information you are looking for!  Click on any of the links to go to that specific Preschool Graduation Page!

Preschool Graduation Resource Pages!

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