Bulletin Board Ideas for Decoration & Display

No classroom teacher has ever complained about having too many bulletin board ideas!

On this page you'll find alternative ideas to the traditional bulletin boards, learn about the four most common types of boards and a selection of bulletin board ideas for you to use!

Once you read these ideas, your biggest problem will be that you don't have enough space for them all!

Alternate Board Ideas

Speaking of space, how can you create more space if you want more bulletin boards than just the one that is permanently hung in your classroom? Here are a couple of ways to do it!

Pick a Wall Area

Use a large sheet of butcher paper (or sheet) and hang it up on some blank wall space.

This is a great way to maximize the space you do have, even if there is no official cork bulletin board.

Decorate Your Door

Decorate your classroom door to change with the seasons.  

This turns it into a bulletin board!  Just cover with paper or fabric and design to your heart's content.

Pocket Charts

You could take some of the interactive bulletin board ideas and use a pocket chart instead.

So even if you don't have as many bulletin boards in your class as you would like, you can get creative and make more space!


If you are wondering how to make a large picture without free-hand drawing it, this is how I did it! I've included affiliate links to products that are affordable and work well! 

Find a clip-art picture that you like and either use your overhead projector or make a transparency of it.

Then trace the image onto a piece of butcher paper as large as you need it to be.

Don't have access to an overhead projector?  


I found this EZ Tracer for UNDER $50!  

Types of Classroom Bulletin Boards

Here are the 4 most common types of boards.

Decorative Bulletin Boards

The first type is simply for decoration. Perhaps you are teaching with themes and your preschoolers are fascinated with transportation. You might create a bulletin board that shows the different modes of transportation that you are talking about during your theme.

Display Bulletin Boards

The second type of bulletin board is for showcasing children's art and creations.  You might utilize this one the most in a classroom. The students often create such beautiful works of art that you can't help but display them somewhere!

This kind of board is useful for a couple of reasons.

1. It allows the children to see their work and gain self-esteem and pride at a job well done.

2. It allows parents to see what has been going on in your classroom. And thirdly, it creates an environment where children feel they are part of a community.

However, you don't need an official bulletin board for this!  Choose a space on your wall for the children to hang their work!

Interactive Bulletin Boards

The last type is called an interactive bulletin board. Teachers may want to create an activity in a center but they don't have the space on the floor or table. An interactive bulletin board solves the space problem (if you have the wall space!).

One example of this type of bulletin board is an alphabet matching board. All the letters are on the board with a small envelope underneath them. The children take a letter and put it in the envelope under the correct matching letter.

Seasonal or Holiday Bulletin Board Ideas

Use these bulletin board ideas to help springboard your creativity in creating a fun and inviting classroom.

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