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We are all looking for tips, tricks and teacher timesavers!  I have a boatload for you!  So many, that I've separated them into sections so you can find them easier!

Planning Tips: In this section you'll find How To articles such as how to plan activities, how to plan a theme, how to plan for classroom transition, how to plan your daily classroom schedule and more!

Professional Development Tips In this section you'll find tips on how to create and find ideas for professional development, articles about specific preschool areas and some workshop ideas.

Organization Tips: In this section, I cover ideas on organizing things like your magazine, daily supplies, email and more!

Get a cup of your favorite beverage and read on for ideas to help you stay organized!

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Simple Lesson Planning

Thank you Karen or Phoenix, Arizona for this Tip!

To make lesson planning easier for me, I made 4 x 6 cards, color coded with activities. Art is yellow; Dramatic Play is red; Science is green; Sand and Water table is orange; Music and Movement Activities is blue.

I have placed all activities on these cards. Now I just grab the cards out of my large file box and put them in the pocket of my folder for the week.

I gather materials needed and put them in a tub with the card. It is fast for me, with less hassle, and I never forget something needed for that day, nor forget why I needed 4 colors of fuzzy wires! ;)

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