Preschool Monthly Themes

Preschool Monthly Themes

Many early education teachers like to organize their curriculum with preschool monthly themes. It can be a great way to learn about a general topic and then each week dig deeper into that concept.

There are several ways this can be done.  On this page we'll look at:

1. Interest Based Preschool Monthly Themes

The overall theme for the month would be chosen based on interests (hopefully based on the children’s interests), and breaking that theme down throughout the month.  For example the topic, Transportation, might be chosen and then each week it is broken down into different modes of transportation.  

2. Special Focus Preschool Monthly Themes

The overall theme for the month would be chosen focusing on the season, holiday and special days/events for other focus that traditionally happens during that month (such as Dental Health Month in February).

Let’s look at both of these forms of preschool monthly themes and how they might look broken down into sub-topics. 

3. My Suggested Preschool Monthly Themes for This Month

Each month, I update this section with my suggested themes for the month.  It is updated on or aroun the 25th of each month for the following month.  (For the record, I live in the northeast portion of the United States.  Our winter season begins in December whereas in Australia, December is the beginning of Summer, so some of my suggestions may not work for your area.  Which brings us to:

4.  Season and Holiday Based Preschool Monthly Themes

In this section, I'll give you some links so you can search my themes by season and by holiday!

Interest Based Preschool Monthly Themes

As stated above, you would choose a topic or theme that your children are showing high interest in.  You might then break that topic down throughout the month.

For example, if your children are showing a high interest in trucks that drive by your school, trains they see going by when in the car, etc., it might be a great time to plan a Transportation Theme!

I live near Boston and the children are always fascinated with Penguins.  No, there are no penguins roaming the streets in Boston, but Penguins are the FIRST thing you would see when visiting the Boston Aquarium!  

The local libraries offer discounted (or free!) tickets to the Aquarium for families to borrow, so many local children have seen the penguins!  Due to the high interest that may come from this, we would plan a Winter Animal theme and spend a week learning about penguins during that theme!

Here are some ideas for overall monthly themes and how they would look broken down throughout the month.  The overall preschool monthly theme is listed first.  Clicking on the link will bring you to the page on my website that has activities for you to use for that theme.

Listed under the themes are suggestions on how you might break down each week.

Birds Theme 

Week 1: Types of birds we see
Week 2: Nests
Week 3: What birds eat
Week 4: Other types of birds

Community Helpers 

Week 1: Firefighters & Police Officers  
Week 2: Doctors, Nurses & Ambulance Drivers
Week 3: Teachers & Librarians
Week 4: Others - Grocers & Builders

Farm Animals 

Week 1:  The Animals
Week 2:  The Farmers
Week 3: Food From the Farm
Week 4: Life on the Farm

Five Senses 

Week 1: Sense of Sight
Week 2: Sense of Hearing
Week 3: Senses of Taste & Smell
Week 4: Sense of Touch 


Week 1: Plants We See
Week 2:  Seeds & Needs (soil, water, etc)
Week 3: 
Growing Flowers
Week 4:  Growing Fruits & Vegetables


Week 1:  Trains
Week 2: Cars
Week 3:  Airplanes
Week 4:  Boats


Week 1: Clowns
Week 2: Elephants & other animals
Week 3: Acrobats & Juggling (other activities)
Week 4: Food & Snacks at the Circus


Week 1: Land & Flying Dinosaurs
Week 2: What Did Dinosaurs Eat?
Week 3: Dinosaurs Big & Small
Week 4: Dinosaur Homes

Fairy Tales

Week 1: Little Red Riding Hood
Week 2: Goldilocks & The 3 Bears
Week 3: The Three Little Pigs
Week 4: Three Billy Goats Gruff


Week 1:  Sharks & Whales
Week 2:  Dolphins & Sea Turtles
Week 3:  
On the Beach
Week 4: On the Water (boats, swimming, etc,) 


Week 1:  Stars
Week 2:  Planets
Week 3:  Moon
Week 4: Astronauts 

Zoo Animals Theme

 Week 1:Zebras
Week 2: Lions
Week 3: Bears
Week 4: Giraffes

Special Focus Preschool Monthly Themes

With this type of planning, you might plan based on local celebrations or events that are traditionally focused on during a given month.

For example, here in the U.S. February is National Dental Health Awareness month.  Now, that does not mean we ONLY discuss Dental Health in February, but it is a traditional theme for the month.  

Another example: March 2nd is the celebrated birthday of Dr. Seuss.  There are many programs around the world that choose the first week in March to focus Dr. Seuss as a theme.  

In the U.S. this time of year has also been declared “Read Across America” week where schools focus on literacy.  Again, this does not mean schools ONLY focus on literacy the first week in March, it is just a time of year where all teachers and children have the same focus!

What are some of the special focus themes, traditions or topics in your area or country?  You might consider incorporating them into your planning!

Below are some examples of how this type of planning might look:


Black History Month
Dental Health Month
Ground Hog Day


Dr. Seuss
National Nutrition Month


Arbor Day
Earth Day


Fire Safety


Back to School
All About Me

My Suggested Preschool Monthly Themes

I'm creating a page for each month so you will know my theme suggestions in advance!  Here we go:

Seasonal & Holiday Preschool Monthly Themes

Lastly, there are seasons and holidays each month that you might want to focus on depending upon your program.  I have many seasonal and holiday themes for you!

Click the link below to go to the types of themes you'd like to see!

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