Toddler Time
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Toddler Time!  

Children ages 2-3 are no longer infants but not quite preschoolers.  This website focuses on preschoolers (ages 3-5 years old), however, I've been asked for resources for toddlers.  

On this page, you'll find resources to help you plan for your toddler classroom with their unique abilities and needs in mind!

Toddler Time

If you've followed this website for any amount of time, you most likely know my preschool mantra:

"Our goal is not to turn our preschoolers into kindergarteners.  They will become kindergarteners....when they go to kindergarten!  Our goal is to give our preschoolers the opportunity to develop the skills they need to be transition well and be successful in kindergarten."

The same is true of this time of older toddlers!

"Our goal is not to turn our toddlers into preschoolers.  They will become preschoolers....when they are three!  Our goal is to give our toddlers the opportunity to develop the skills that will help them to transition well into preschooler."

Toddler Time

Why Toddler Time on a Preschool Website?

I created this "Toddler Time" section due to the many emails I've received asking for resources, milestone information, ideas for activities lesson plans and more for toddlers between the ages of 2-3 years old.

Many of the activities in the Preschool Themes section can be used with toddlers.  Some things to consider before using them are:

  • Are they "chokeable"?  Rule of thumb:  Any item that will fit into the end of a paper towel tube should NOT be in your toddler classroom.  What does this mean for your toddler time activities?
  • Marble painting?  Uh-uh, not in a toddler room.  Instead, use a ping-pong ball!
  • Markers?  Sure!  So long as you put the caps out of reach (This is NOT the age to try to teach them to be sure to put the caps on the markers when they are done).
  • Bead-lacing?  Sure, so long as they are LARGE beads!
  • Plastic coins in the cash register in dramatic play?  Uh-uh, not in your toddler room!  Just provide the cash register--let them develop their eye hand coordination by pressing the buttons!  That's plenty!

You get the idea.  This is what I mean by our job is to give our toddlers the opportunities to develop the skills needed for preschool and not have preschool expectations placed upon them because "they will be 3 this summer".  They are NOT 3 now!

Here are a few pages you might be interested in that focus on toddlers!

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