Preschool Math

There are so many preschool math process skills (over 13). You know you need to create preschool lesson plans for math but where do you start? What are developmentally appropriate math learning objectives for preschool? What types of fun, engaging hands-on activities should you create?

Here I'll be covering those questions and more! Let's get started!

Preschool Math teaching tips and ideas

Preschool Math

Preschool Math Process Skills:

Do you wonder how and what to plan for regarding math? I get it - there are so many math process skills for preschool (over 13). Want a description of each one? You'll find descriptions and what to consider when planning and 
teaching preschool math.

Interest Learning Center for Materials:

Many classrooms have a Math & Manipulatives Interest Center in their classroom.  Why are they combined?  Because many math activities help develop fine (small) motor (muscle) development while also supporting math learning objectives!  Learn more about math and fine motor activities here.

Put Your Potato Head Collection To Use!

Our preschoolers LOVE using our potato head collection.  So much so, that I created a way to use it as a math learning tool.  Check out my Preschool Potato Head Math Game!

Preschool Math Fun Game:

There are many preschool math games you can make from scratch.  Stretched for time? I have created a product here that has 20 Preschool Math Games. These math games cover the 13+ math process skills helping your preschoolers meet developmentally appropriate learning objectives. 

Preschool Math Workshop:

Are you looking for professional development to learn more about math in preschool? I have a 4-hour self-study workshop all about Preschool Math. You can learn about that here.

Preschool Math Summary

Math is all around us and children know more math concepts that we sometimes realize! My goal is to help you support your preschoolers' curiosity and build a love of math!

There are many tips and articles I'll be adding to this page to help you make teaching your preschoolers about math fun and engaging.

I'll be bringing you hands-on, developmentally appropriate tips and ideas to this page soon.  They'll include topics like how to create specific preschool math activities, games, concepts, how to bring math outside, helping parents understand the math process skills their preschoolers are working on and more!

So please check back often!

Preschool Math Themed Activities

On these pages you'll find many preschool themes that include themed preschool math activities!

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