July Preschool Themes

July Preschool Themes

Here are some July Preschool Themes with ideas and fun activities for you preschool theme planning! Below you'll find preschool theme ideas for July for some fun themes as well as for holidays and special days! 

My Suggested July Preschool Themes

This is a great summer theme for preschoolers! Let's talk about going to the beach! This Beach Theme for Preschool has over 45 activities and preschool lesson plans to enjoy the beach in your preschool classroom!  

Go to the Beach Preschool Theme Here!

This Armor of God Preschool Theme is based on the Bible book of Ephesians 6:13-18.  You can also read where the Armor of God is referred to by Isaiah in Isaiah 11:4-5 and 59:17.

Let's explore this Bible story with our preschoolers! 

Go to the Armor of God Preschool Theme Here!

Castles Dragons Kings and Queens!  Preschoolers love fantasy play and this theme "plays" right into that!  There is so much potential draw children into learning with this theme!

 Go to the Castles, Dragons, Kings & Queens Preschool Theme Here!

A Fairy Tales preschool theme also has many possibilities of fantastical stories of giants, queens, kings, princesses, dragons and more to include in this theme! There should be plenty to get you started on a great week of Fairy Tales fun!  

Go to the Fairy Tales Preschool Theme Here!

Opposites! There are so many to talk to the children about! Up, down, sit, stand, fast, slow, hot, cold--and so many more! This page is filled with preschool lesson plans and ideas for all areas of your classroom.

Go to the Opposites Preschool Theme Here!

A Pie Theme for Preschool!  This theme is great for an anytime theme, to go along with a holiday like 4th of July, Thanksgiving, Christmas, PI Day (3/14!) or January 23 (National Pie Day)! I mean...when is a bad time for a Pie theme? ;) 

Go to the Pies Preschool Theme Here!

I know, I know, a preschool rocks theme can bring visions of rocks being thrown and boo-boos.  Let's teach our kids to be more curious--beyond the throwing!  Let's investigate them!

Go to the Rocks Preschool Theme Here!

Did you know that August 3 is Watermelon Day? Me either!  Watermelon is probably one of the messiest yet enjoyable of snacks, especially in the summer!

I recommend watermelon every day during this theme! Perhaps a parent could sign up each day to provide one for your class!  

Go to the Watermelon Preschool Theme Here!

A Western Theme for Preschool!  Yippee Ki Yo Ki Yay!  This  page includes preschool lesson plans, activities and Interest Learning Center ideas for your Preschool Classroom

Go to the Western Preschool Theme Here!

July Preschool Themes - Holidays & Special Days

The 4th of July is celebrated in the United States each year. It is a celebration of the anniversary of the adoption of the Declaration of Independence! Traditional celebrations include flying the American flag, parades, picnics and fireworks displays!

This Theme page is filled with ideas, activities and preschool lesson plans for your classroom.

Go To the 4th of July Preschool Theme Here!

Tornado Preschool Theme

April typically begins the Tornado season in much of the U.S. and continues through August. 

This Tornadoes Theme page will help your preschoolers to understand more about tornadoes and tornado safety through preschool activities and lesson plans.

Go to the Tornadoes Preschool Theme Here!

Keep in mind that the seasons may be different where you are so my suggestions may not work for you. Here are other ways to search for preschool themes for you!

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