Preschool Watermelon Theme

Did you know that August 3 is Watermelon Day?  Me either!  Watermelon is probably one of the messiest yet enjoyable of snacks, especially in the summer!

Provided there are no allergies in your classroom, I recommend watermelon every day during this theme! 

Perhaps a parent could sign up each day to provide one for your class!  

A Preschool Watermelon Theme is a great theme for any time of year, but of course for this special day!  

This theme page has activities for your preschool interest centers.  Enjoy!

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Preschool Watermelon Art

Tissue Paper Melons

Materials Needed: red and green tissue paper, paper plates, watermelon seeds, glue

The children create their own watermelon by gluing these items on the paper plate.

Rind Painting

Use watermelon rinds to paint with!  Provide red and green paint and either black paint for fingerprint seeds or glue on real seeds!

Shaving Cream Art

Mix shaving cream with watermelon flavored/colored kool aid or jello.  It smells great!  The children can "fingerpaint" this on the tables. 

Encourage them to draw melons, seeds, the life cycle of the melon, their names, etc.

Sponge Painting

Provide sponges and white paper along with red and green paint for the children to create their own watermelon or watermelon patch!

Water Color Painting

Provide red, green and black watercolor paint, brushes and paper plates cut in half.

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Preschool Watermelon Theme Block Center Ideas

Add trucks, play fruit and farm items to your block area this week!

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Preschool Watermelon Theme Circle Time Ideas

Circle Time is such a great time for children to learn the social skills of being together as a large group AND to learn more about your theme!

Puppet Show

In advance, make a watermelon puppet!  OR, use a small, REAL watermelon and add eyes and a mouth from your potato heads!

This watermelon puppet is going to teach your children about how it grew!

You will need the following pictures or, even better, make the pictures into flannel pieces by laminating and adding velcro to the back.  Give each child a piece.  They will add to the flannel board as your puppet explains its life cycle!

The picture pieces you will need are:

soil, watermelon seeds, water, a green vine, a yellow melon flower, a watermelon (you could make 2 of each so that every child has a piece during the story or add things like a gardening tool to dig the soil, a watering can or garden hose to water the seeds, etc.)

Make up a puppet show going through these items in order.  

Puppet:  Hi boys and girls!  Do you know what I am?  Do you all like to eat watermelon in the summer?  Do you know how I became a watermelon?

Then go through the items.

EXTENSION:  I have seen a Watermelon, Watermelon What Do You See book, it was great!  You could put the items above into a book for the kids to read in your library area!

20 Questions

Place the melon in a large box.  Lead the children in questions to guess what is in it!

Ask them to guess what they think would fit in this box?

Let them try to lift it and take more guesses.

Let them smell it and make more guesses.

Make a hole in the box and let them touch and make more guesses!

Down By the Bay  (book and song by Raffi)

This is a favorite of mine to sing all year long, but is great for this theme, of course!

In advance, make flannel pieces of each character (I color copy pages from the book or find pictures in magazines), laminate and put flannel or velcro on the back.

Give each child a piece.  They place on the board as you sing their part!

Click the picture below to purchase the book at Amazon.

I found the MP3 on Amazon as well!

And here is the link for the entire Raffi CD!

The Enormous Watermelon by Brenda Parks

This is a GREAT story for the children to act out!  Read it with them. And then assign character parts for the children to sing their response when the time comes!

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Snack Recipe Ideas to Cook Up for Your Preschool Watermelon Theme!

Cooking with children helps develop their math skills and helps them to learn how to follow directions. It also allows for some great conversation!

Ask many questions while cooking with your children to encourage conversation! Be sure to ask specific themed questions while making these fun snacks!

Watermelon Fruit Bowl

Materials needed:  Large watermelon, cantelope, bananas, and other fruits you want to add!

Cut the watermelon in half.

The children use melon ball scoops or small ice cream scoops to take out the middle.

They then remove the seeds from their scoops (be sure to save the seeds in a bowl for other counting and art activities!).

They help cut or scoop other fruit and place all the fruit back into the watermelon shell.



ANY fruit can be used for this!  Simply have the children cut the fruit up and drop in a blender.  Pour into popsicle molds and freeze.

You can also pour into ice cube trays, cover with plastic or foil and insert craft sticks into each compartment and then freeze.

Fruit Juice!

Place several chunks of watermelon in a resealable ziploc baggie.  

Seal (smoothing out air).  The child squishes and smooshes the melon through the bag.

When done, open a corner of the bag and add a straw.


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Preschool Watermelon Theme Ideas to Transform Your Dramatic Play Area

Picnic Time!

Provide blankets, play food, a basket, small plastic ants (yup, you know they are always at a picnic!).  Have snack here too!

Fruit Market

Set up a Farmers' Market that includes all the seasonal fruits for grow and sell!  Add a wading pool for the children to harvest the fruit from!

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Preschool Watermelon Theme Ideas for Your Easel--

More Than Just Painting (Although that is always THE favorite in our classroom!)

Smells Like Melon!

In advance, mix in Watermelon flavored Jello or mix drink into green and red paint!

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Preschool Watermelon Theme Large Group Games

that help build their muscles while they have fun together

How Far?

Provide many small watermelons.  How far can your children roll them? Have them measure with a tape measure or ruler.

Melon Bowling

Oh, come on!  You are going to cut them open and eat them anyway!!  ;)

Use plastic pins and let the children take turns rolling them!

Spit It Out!

Are you brave enough to host a watermelon seed spitting contest?  NO? Okay, just thought I'd spit it out there! Of course, you could ask the parents to participate and use this as a "getting the spits out" activity with parents involved!  Just sayin'! ;)

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Preschool Watermelon Theme Book Suggestions for the Library

Down by the Bay (Raffi Songs to Read) by Raffi

Grandma Baba's Magic Watermelon!: Book Eight (Grandma Baba Series) by Wakiko Sato

One Watermelon Seed by Celia Lottridge and Karen Patkau

Peter Spit a Seed at Sue by Jackie French Koller and Jonh Manders (don't worry, you are not giving them any ideas......they've ALREADY thought of it!)

The Relatives Came by Cynthia Rylant

Seed Grows, A (My First Look At... Series) by Pamela Hickman and Heather Collins

Watermelon Day by Kathi Appelt and Dale Gottlieb

The Watermelon Seed by Greg Pizzoli

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Preschool Watermelon Theme Ideas to Help Develop Their Math Skills

and those small muscles in their hands!

Count the Seeds

This is a multi-part project but great for building up their muscles, their eye-hand coordination and their counting skills!

Materials needed:  Green construction paper, red construction paper, precut stencils of circles (one large and one smaller); scissors, glue, watermelon seeds

The children trace the large circle onto the green paper and cut out.

They trace the smaller circle onto the red paper and cut out.

They glue the red circle in the middle of the green (they now have a mid section of a watermelon!).

They now take seeds, one at a time, out of a bowl and glue onto their red section of the watermelon.

Seed Math Mat

In advance, make slices of watermelon on paper.  Draw a different number of seeds on each.  Also, print the number on the slice.


Provide the mats and a bowl of seeds.  The children match and count.

Seed File Folder Game

Using the Seed Math Mat idea above, make duplicates of each slice. Glue one set inside a file folder.  The children then match the loose slices to the corresponding slices in the file folder.

Melon Heads!

Provide green and yellow playdough.  Let the children make different sized melons.  

Provide playdough toys (or Potato Head pieces are even better!) to make faces!

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Preschool Watermelon Theme Music & Movement Activities and Ideas

to get your Preschoolers Movin' and Groovin'!

Watermelon Song    Sung to Frere Jacques

Watermelon, Watermelon.

Tastes so good!  Tastes so good!

They are green on the outside.

They are red on the inside.

With black or white seeds.  With black or white seeds.

Seed Maracas

Provide a bowl of seeds, 2 paper cups per child, decorating items (stickers, markers, etc.), heavy tape.

The children decorate their cups.

The children count out 5-10 dried seeds into their cups.

Using heavy, clear tape, tape the cups together.

Go on a parade or play music that the children can dance to while shaking their seed maracas!

Pick Up A Watermelon

Place a large basket in the middle.  Have the children act out this song (sung to the tune of Paw Paw Patch):

Pick up a watermelon.  Put it in the basket.

Pick up a watermelon.  Put it in the basket.

Pick up a watermelon.  Put it in the basket.

Way down yonder in the watermelon patch.

Life Cycle

Encourage the children to act out the life cycle of a melon:

You are a tiny, tiny little seed going into the ground.

Now it is raining!  Here comes the sun!  Nice and warm, a vine is growing!

Ooh, look!  A beautiful, yellow flower!

OH! You are growing bigger, and're a watermelon!

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Preschool Watermelon Theme Activities for the Senses!

Sink or Float

Provide a variety of different melons.  Ask the children to predict if the melon will sink or float.  Chart on paper if you wish.

When the guessing is done, try them out!

Melon-y Water

Add watermelon kool aid to the water!

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Preschool Watermelon Theme Science Activities--

for your Preschool Scientists in Training!

Plant Your Own!

Materials needed:  Seeds, potting soil, clear cups, spoons, spray bottle of water.

The children fill the cups 3/4 full with soil.  

They push 2 or 3 seeds into the soil.

Water with spray bottle.

Watch them grow!

Check It Out!

Provide several different sized watermelons as well as rulers, a scale, tape measures; make a journal from paper for each child.

Let each child check it out!  How long is it?  How round is it?  Can you lift it up?  How many pounds is it?  Also, ask them what they think is inside it and ask them to describe that (pretty funny descriptions come from this!).

Print all of their findings in their journal.

Of course, open and eat it!

Melon Graph

After completing the activity above, cut open the melon and give each child a slice.

Have a graph ready.  It should have their names down the left side. Label the other columns "yes" "no" and "how many seeds".

Ask each child, as they eat it, if they like it or not and mark that on the graph.

Ask each child to find and count the seeds in their slice and mark the number on the graph.

This graph can be used throughout the week to discuss many math and counting concepts such as:

How many children liked the melon?

How many did not?

Are there more children that like the melon or more that did not?

How many seeds were in the melon?

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Writing Activity Ideas for Your Preschool Watermelon Theme!

Seed Letters

Use the seeds for the children to spell out their names.

Make letter and name cards in advance and the children line the seeds up on each letter.

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Preschool Watermelon Theme Miscellaneous Ideas

Supermarket Field Trip

Go to a local produce department (set it up in advance to see if the produce manager can take some time to talk about where their watermelons and other melons come from, a taste test, etc.!).

If not, ask a parent to come in and talk about fruit!  Kids are always excited when a parent participates in class!

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