September Preschool Themes

September Preschool Themes

Here are some September Preschool Themes with ideas and fun activities for you preschool theme planning! Below you'll find preschool theme ideas for September for some fun themes as well as for holidays and special days! 

My Suggested September Preschool Themes

The goal behind an All About Me Preschool Activities Theme is to help children learn about each other and each others' families!

The theme helps children to realize that every person is unique and special.

They also learn that every child's thoughts and ideas are important and no one person is more or less important than another!

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It's that time of year again--Back To School! Remember that less is more in the beginning of the year. Too many choices overstimulate the children. The goal of the first few weeks is to help them to become comfortable with their classroom, their teachers and their peers.

Go to the Back To School Preschool Theme Here!

Preschoolers are not babies anymore...and they will often be sure to remind you of that! Preschoolers tend to use the word as though it is a "yucky" word. "THAT'S for BABIES...I a big girl".

Use this theme to: Remind them that we were ALL infants once; Celebrate the things they can now do that they could not when they were younger and that as big girls and boys, they can help teach younger ones to learn new things!

 Go to the Babies Preschool Theme Here!

This page has activities that focus on a colors theme throughout your classroom and for each Interest Learning Center. You might choose to offer these activities into your regularly planned preschool themes or you might choose to offer activities based on one color as the theme each day or each week or each month. You decide!

 Go to the Colors Preschool Theme Here!

Taste testing, comparing foods by sight and feel, and math games are just a few activities to do for a Fruits & Vegetables Preschool Theme!

You'll find many more ideas on this page. This is a great theme for a week or to incorporate information about fruits and vegetables throughout the year!

Go to the Librarian Preschool Theme Here!

What happens at home is EVERYTHING to a preschooler. Preschool family activities can and should be talked about in preschool and this family preschool theme activities page will help!

Go to the Family Preschool Theme Here!

Fall Preschool Activities--Fall, Autumn--either word brings cool days and relief to summer heat for most people! This theme page has many preschool activities and ideas for your classroom.

Go to the Fall Preschool Theme Here!

Manners are a learned practice and this page will help you do both: Help your children learn and practice these skills in your classroom!

This theme page is just a beginning of ideas.

Go to the Manners Preschool Theme Here!

A Pets Theme is fun!  Also, pets are fun at home and at school, but they also come with a lot of responsibility! Take your preschoolers love and fascination of pets as an opportunity to teach!

This theme will help you to teach them what is involved in choosing and caring for a pet! 

Go to the Pets Preschool Theme Here!

This Weather Theme page was created to help us go beyond the daily weather chart!  

We talk about weather all the time with our children, especially when it rains, or snows or is very windy or very sunny outside!  

Go to the Weather Preschool Theme Here!

Tornado Preschool Theme

April typically begins the Tornado season in much of the U.S. This Tornadoes Theme page will help your preschoolers to understand more about tornadoes and tornado safety through preschool activities and lesson plans.

Go to the Tornadoes Preschool Theme Here!

September Preschool Themes - Holidays & Special Days

This God Made Me theme is based on God's creation of us!  There are many Scripture verses/sections that could be used, the most obvious Genesis 1, Day 6.  This  page includes preschool lesson plans, activities and Interest Learning Center ideas for your Preschool Classroom!

Go To the God Made Me Preschool Theme Here!

This Jesus and the Children Preschool Theme is based on:  Matthew 19:13-15; Mark 10:13-16 and Luke 18:15-17.  

The account listed in all three Scripture references remind us how important children are to Jesus.  Children live in an adult world.  They need to know how important they are!

Go to the Jesus & the Children
Preschool Theme Here!

Keep in mind that the seasons may be different where you are so my suggestions may not work for you. Here are other ways to search for preschool themes for you!

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