January Preschool Themes

There are many January Preschool Themes to choose from and below are just a few suggestions for you!

My Suggested January Preschool Themes

100th Day is can be a fun day for your older children! 

Here are some activity ideas for you!

Go to the 100th Day of School Theme Here!

What is Hibernation anyway?! Technically, it is a time when animals sleep through the cold winter. However, it is very, very different than a human's deep sleep. An animal can actually be moved or touched and not even be aware of it!

Go to the Hibernation Preschool Theme Here!

A Home Theme for Preschool with preschool lesson plans to help your preschoolers learn about different living environments such as houses and apartments and the different rooms in each. 

Go to the Homes Preschool Theme Here!

This Preschool Ice Theme page includes preschool lesson plans and activities for your Interest Learning Centers.

You'll find some weather specific links on this pag as well!

Go to the Ice Preschool Theme Page Here!

A Pizza Preschool Theme?  YES!  There is so much potential draw children into learning with this theme!

This  page includes preschool lesson plans, activities and Interest Learning Center ideas for your Preschool Classroom!

Go to the Pizza Preschool Theme Here!

This Preschool Snow Theme page includes preschool lesson plans, activities for your  Interest Learning Centers.

You'll also find links to specific weather activities!

Go to the Snow Preschool Theme Here!

Space: Planets, stars, the moon, "To Infinity and Beyond"!

This theme is a favorite any time of year!

Go to the Space Preschool Theme Here!

Winter Animals are all around this time of year-not all animals hibernate in the cold weather!

This Winter Animals Preschool Theme page is filled with preschool activities and ideas for all areas of your classroom.

Go to the Winter Animals Preschool Theme Here!

Here you'll find a Bible Creation Theme AND you'll also find a theme for each day of Creation so you can focus on this for 7 days!

Go to the Bible Creation Preschool Theme Here!

January Preschool Themes - Holidays

Keep in mind that the seasons may be different where you are so my suggestions may not work for you. Here are other ways to search for preschool themes for you!

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