This 100th Day of School Preschool Theme    

When is your 100th day of school?  This can be tricky for half-day preschool programs!  If your students come to school twice a week during the school year, they will NEVER have a 100th day in school!  If they come three times a week during the school year, your 100th day will be at the end of the school year!

So, what do YOU do?  You could include both classes in ONE count where you count every school day toward the 100 days, which puts our 100th day sometime in January, depending upon days you may be closed for holidays, school breaks and inclement weather.

This 100th Day of School Preschool Theme page includes preschool lesson plans, activities and Interest Learning Center ideas for your Preschool Classroom!

You'll find more themes to help you with your planning on my preschool themes page.

100th Day of Preschool

Let the Theme planning begin!

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100th Day of School Theme Art

100th Day of Preschool Art Activity

100 Hand Prints

Materials Needed: Finger paint, a large piece of paper (that will fit 100 hand prints on!) and smaller finger paint paper.

Provide the children with finger paint and their own paper to enjoy finger painting on.

As they come to the table, have them come over and make a few hand prints on the large paper to display on your 100th day.

NOTE:  Determine how many hand prints each child will make in advance. For example, we have a total of 32 children in our programs combined.

We asked each child to place 3 hand prints on the large paper.  That gave us 96 hand prints.  Each of the teachers and the director also added a hand print bringing it to 100!

Colored Dot Sticker Art

Provide one brown bag for each child that has 100 dot stickers in it for them to create their own masterpiece with!

100 Collage

In advance, prepare brown bags (1 for each child) with 100 items that can be glued on paper such as pieces of construction paper, pom poms, etc.

The children glue their items on the paper into their own collage.

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100th Day of School Theme Block Center Ideas

Add 100 large cups (think red solo cups!) to your block area for building and knocking down!

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100th Day of School Theme Circle Time Ideas

Circle Time is such a great time for children to learn the social skills of being together as a large group AND to learn more about your theme!

I Would Like 100 ....  but NOT 100...

I love this activity!  Bring two large pieces of chart paper to circle time and markers.

Label one with title "I Would Like 100..." and the title the other "I Would NOT want 100........"

List each child's name in a column on the left side of each chart.

After reading a book about 100 (see suggestions in the Library section below), ask the children what THEY would like 100 of!  

And then ask them what they would NOT want 100 of!

They come up with some very funny ideas!!!

100th Day of Preschool Circle Idea

Penny Collection

Collection jar, poster board, name of Service Project (i.e. Pennies for _____) and brown pennies made out of paper that say 100 on them.

Decide on a service project where you will collect pennies, like a penny drive.

The children bring pennies in each day.

At circle, count the pennies as you put them in the jar.  

Each time you get to 100, place a paper penny on the poster board.  

Talk about how many times you counted 100 pennies!

Tell them how much money that is.

Find a brave parent volunteer to take these to the bank or a Coinstar for counting and converting to paper bills and then donate to your charity!

One Hundred is a Family

Read the book One Hundred is a Family by Pamela Munoz Ryan.

Encourage them to draw a picture of their family.

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100th Day of School Theme Ideas to Transform Your Dramatic Play Area

Teacher Time!

Set up your dramatic play area to be a mini classroom!  The teachers can teach the other children or the baby dolls or stuffed animals all about numbers!

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100th Day of School Theme Ideas for your Easel--
More Than Just Painting (Although that is always THE favorite in our classroom!)

100 Leaves (or clouds, or raindrops, or snowflakes, etc.)!

After the children have painted (their choice of what they want to paint), give them black paint and a small paint brush.

Encourage them to add 100 of something to their picture (raindrops, clouds, spots on an animal, etc.) by dipping the brush in the black paint and counting!

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100th Day of School Theme Large Group Games 
that help build their muscles while they have fun together

100 Exercises

Choose 5 exercises to do with the children and do each one 20 times!


  • Stretch to the sky!
  • Hop on one foot!
  • Now hop on the other!
  • Bounce a ball!
  • Dance for 20 seconds!

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100th Day of School Theme Ideas for Your Library and Literacy Activities for your Preschool Classroom

Literacy Center Idea

Cut out 100 felt shapes for the children to sort, match and count!

Book Suggestions for the Library

(I LOVE Amazon, and some of the links below will take you to the Amazon website.  If you do choose to purchase yours through Amazon, they do send me a few cents--which supports my coffee habit! )

100 School Days by Anne Rockwell

100th Day Worries by Margery Kuyler

Biscuit's 100th Day of School by Alyssa Satin Capucilli

Centipede's One Hundred Shoes by Tony Ross

Emily's First 100 Days of School by Rosemary Wells

Fluffy's 100th Day At School by Kate McMullen

From One to One Hundred (Picture Puffin Books) by Teri Sloat

I'll Teach My Dog 100 Words by Michael Frith

One Hundred Hungry Ants by Elinor J. Pinczes

One Hundred Is a Family by Pamela Munoz Ryan

The 100th Day of School (Hello Reader!, Level 2) by Angela Shelf Medearis

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100th Day of School Theme Activities to Help Your Preschoolers Develop Their Math Skills and the Small Muscles in Their Hands!

100 Day Crowns

Materials needed:  LONG strips of colored construction paper (6 different colors).  A wide strip of white paper for the headband part of the hat.

Have the children decorate the strips of paper (perhaps with 100 stickers?)!

I'd also recommend that the children cut out their own strips!  For those children who need it, draw lines where they need to cut with a black marker.

Have them print their name on the head band.

Attach the strips of paper to the inside of the headband and then arch them over the top to the other side of the head band (there is a picture on my pinterest board...see pinterest link below!).

This is great fine motor skills practice!

Button Jewelry

Provide yarn and bags of 100 buttons or macaroni or other items to string into a necklace. 

100 Gumballs

In advance, prepare large pieces of construction paper by placing 100 colored dot stickers on each piece.

Give each child a bingo dauber to count and cover each dot.

VARIATION:  Give the children the dots to put on their paper and then cover with the bingo daubers!

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100th Day of School Theme Music and Movement Activities and Ideas to get your Preschoolers Movin' and Groovin'!

Scavenger "Hunt for 100"

Materials needed:  large bin or box, CD player

Tell the children that they are going on a scavenger hunt to find 100 items.

Tell them that you will name a color and they all have to find something in the classroom that will fit in the box or bin that is the color you name.

They should bring the item to the bin and drop it in.

Tell them that if the music stops, they have to freeze!

Say a color, start the music and say "Go!"

Stop the music every now and again!

Once everyone drops something in, stop the music and count together.

Continue with the next color and repeat until you count to 100!

100th Day Song Sung to "The Ants Go Marching One by One"

We've all been counting one by one hurrah! Hurrah! 

We've all been counting, one by one hurrah! Hurrah! 

We've all been counting one by one, And now 100 days are done, 

And we've all been counting 

Day By Day

To one hundredth day

Boom, boom, boom, boom

We started counting up to 10 hoorah! Hoorah! 

To 20, 30, 40 and then, hoorah! Hoorah! 

To 50, 60, 70 

Then to 80 then 90

And we're at one hundred.

We've counted

A Lot

And it's 100th Day!

Boom boom boom boom!

100 Days of School  Sung to He's a Jolly Good Fellow

I'm 100 days smarter, I'm 100 days smarter, I'm 100 days smarter

In preschool today!

In preschool today, In preschool today.

I'm 100 days smarter in preschool today.

We've counted to 100, We've counted to 100.  We've counted to 100!

It's 100 days today!

100 days today!  100 days today!

We've counted to 100.  Happy 100th Day!

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100th Day of School Theme Activities for the Senses!

Treasure Hunt

Hide 100 glass or plastic jewels (found at craft stores) in your sand table today!

VARIAION:  Change the sand out with water and add the jewels.

If you have different sizes and different types (glass and plastic), the children can explore weight and sink/float experiments!

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100th Day of School Theme Science Activities
for your Preschool Scientists in Training!


Ask children how long they think 100 inches is?

Show them a ruler.  Show them 1 inch.  Tell them the ruler has 12 inches.

Now measure 100 inches on your floor or carpet and mark it with tape or chalk.

The children use other materials in the room to measure how long this is using blocks, stuffed animals, or other creative ideas !

Hundreds of Bugs!

Set out all your plastic bugs, magnifying glasses some bowls to sort with and lots of books about bugs, including reading the book One Hundred Hungry Ants by Elinor Pinczes!

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Writing Activity Ideas for Your 100th Day of School Theme!

Make Preschool Money!  

Make copies of a money template or make your own! 

Have the children cut out rectangles and practice making "100" on the money and printing their names.

Provide small pictures of them from your computer for them to glue onto "their" money!  

100th Day of Preschool Writing Activity

100 Glitters!

Materials needed:  Black paper, white crayon or chalk, glue, brush, glitter, shallow trays.

Have the child print the number 100 on their paper (write the number lightly for those who need to trace it).

Have them then paint over their number 100 with a paint brush and glue.

Have them place their paper in a shallow tray and cover the glue number with glitter, let dry.

While drying, encourage them to draw a picture of what they would buy if they had 100 dollars!  Write what they say on their paper or let them write their story as best they can (be sure to write i down somewhere also so that you have it to refer back to!

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Miscellaneous Activities for Your 100th Day of School Theme!

Community 100 Collection

How about collecting 100 of something that a local community resource could use?  Perhaps 100 cans of food for the food pantry, 100 packages (all together) of diapers and wipes for the local women's shelter, etc.

100 Collection

At the beginning of this theme (or the week before), send a note home letting families know of your upcoming 100th Day of School Theme.

Ask parents to work with their child to come up with an idea of 100 of something they can bring to school!  It could be 100 pieces of junk mail, pennies, popcorn kernels, etc.

This is an opportunity for families to help their child with rote counting to 100!  They may not realize how much 100 is, but this will help!

Display their items at a table or your Discovery/Science table with a sign that says "How much is 100?"

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