Thank You Notes

Thank You Notes are becoming a lost art!  Teach your students about them throughout the year!  Remind them of how excited they get when they receive mail!

Throughout the year families donate items to your classroom.  It may be snacks, classroom supplies or toys.  Sometimes it is from a request that you sent out in your newsletter and sometimes it is just something the family thought you could use.

No matter how big or small the donation, be sure to let them know how much you appreciate them thinking of your classroom!  Send a note for everything from empty egg carton donations, to plastic bags, to toys to a person donating time in the classroom!

Check out your local dollar store for notes.  You might use postcards or actual boxes of notes.  You could also have the children decorate some paper at the beginning of the school year and save it for these times!

I recommend the following steps:

1.  When something is donated, fill out a note or card THE SAME DAY AS THE DONATION!  

2.  Be specific:  "Dear ____, Thank you so very much for (specific words here--the donation of tissues or reading to the children this morning, etc.).  It is very much appreciated!

3.  Involve the children!  Let them know what was donated and how nice that was of the person.  Explain what a thank you note is and show them the one you filled out.  Have them all "sign" it...even if it is just one letter of their name or a smiley face!

4.  Send the note home with the person's child or address and mail the card the same day.

Having a stash of cards in your classroom and filling them out (and mailing them) the same day as a donation of an item or donation of time will ensure that you show appreciation immediately and that you don't let weeks go by without letting the person know!

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