Preschool Graduation Poems

Preschool Graduation Poems

Are you a teacher thinking of adding some preschool graduation poems to your ceremony?

Sometimes our feelings and emotions are best expressed through poetry.

Poems have been used for thousands of years to communicate joy, sadness, love, and pride.

As a parent or teacher of preschoolers, you may be feeling all of those emotions as your little ones get ready to move on to the next phase of their life – kindergarten.

Read on for how to use preschool graduation poems and some great examples of this type of poetry.

How to Use Preschool Graduation Poems

The following poems can be used in a variety of ways:

  • A teacher (or teachers) can recite or read one for an opening introduction.
  • The students can recite one as a group – perhaps each student can memorize one line of a poem.
  • A poem could be read as a final good-bye at the end of the graduation program.
  • If you give out a graduation gift to the children, you could attach a poem to it.

You don’t have to feel limited in using the preschool graduation poems only in one way, either.

Feel free to mix it up a little – if you love them all, use them all in different ways!

FROM Our Preschoolers:  
Preschool Graduation Poems for Children to Recite

Graduation Poem

Author Unknown

Do you remember way last fall

When I was only just this tall?

Now look at me! I'm up to here!

And my, I've learned a lot this year!

In fact, you think I'm really great!

That's why I get to graduate!

Graduation Poem

Author Unknown

It's time to say good bye now

and so before you go

we'd like to tell you something that

we think you'd like to know

We're going to start our school days

For twelve more years and then

When we graduate the next time

Won't you please come back again!

Kindergarten Here We Come
(sung to Twinkle Twinkle Little Star)

Kindergarten here we come

We know we'll have lots of fun

Lots of things to make and do

Reading Writing Counting too

Kindergarten here we come

We know we'll have lots of fun

Another Graduation Poem

Now I know my ABC's,

Colors, shapes, and days.

I sang some songs and learned some poems

and rhymes, and fingerplays.

I played outside on sunny days

And inside when it rained.

My little hands and little feet 

were busy every day.

My Teacher was (teacher's name),

I kept her on her toes,

She tied my shoes, combed my hair, 

and even wiped my nose.

But now it's time to say "good-bye"

To all my preschool friends.

School is over, summer's here,

But learning never ends!

TO Our Preschoolers: 
Preschool Graduation Poems From YOU to THEM!

Great Expectations

Author Unknown

It’s time to say good-bye.

Our class has come to an end.

I’ve made more cherished memories

And many more friends.

I’ve watched your children learn and grow

And change from day to day.

I hope that all the things we’ve done

Have helped in some small way.

So it’s with happy memories

I send them out the door,

With great hope and expectations

For what next year holds in store.

End of Year Poem

Author Unknown

You’re a very special person,

And I wanted you to know,

How much I enjoyed being your teacher.

How fast the years did go!

Please come back to visit me

As through the grades you grow,

Try hard to learn all that you can

There is so much to know!

The one thing I tried to teach you

To last your whole life through,

Is to know that you are SPECIAL

There is no one else like you!

Your Teacher

Author Unknown

I'm glad I was your teacher

I've come to love you so.

I can't believe the end is here.

I hate to see you go.

Remember all the fun we had

in all the things we did,

But most of all remember...

You're a very special kid!

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