Preschool Graduation Songs 
To Sing and Play!

Preschool Graduation Songs

When it’s time for those little ones to move on to kindergarten, teachers like to include preschool graduation songs in the ceremony.  

Graduating from preschool is a huge milestone in a child’s life and the celebration should be just as big!

There are several options for including music in your preschool graduation ceremony.

  • Songs to play while the children enter the room
  • Songs to for the children to sing as part of their LINK Graduation Program.
  • Music to play during a slideshow at your graduation ceremony!

Let's look at each!

Preschool Graduation Songs to Play

It is fun to have music playing while the children enter the room!  It announces their arrival! There are many times during your ceremony to play music:

  • Played during a slideshow
  • Played while audience is being seated/dismissed
  • Played while students are transitioning from one place to another (like coming up on stage)

You might want a song that the children know and can relate to.  You might choose a song that is sure to have your parents in tears--happy tears!

Here are some suggestions of my favorite tunes!  You may already have the CDs in your classroom.  If not you may find them at your local library to borrow.  I have purchased my own CDs to have them from year to year.  You can also purchase just one song (rather than the entire CD) as an MP3. I've included affiliate links below to see the options at Amazon!

Songs Children Relate To

You've Got A Friend in Me

From the Toy Story soundtrack, children as well as parents will recognize this one! This would be sweet to play with pictures of the  kids with their friends.

You'll Be In My Heart

From the Tarzan soundtrack,  children will recognize this and   both parents and teachers will   relate to its message.

Somewhere Over The Rainbow

This one is sure to bring a smile to everyone’s faces! It’s a different version than Judy Garland’s, so a nice change on an old favorite. 

We're Moving Up To Kindergarten

This song would be GREAT to play as they walk in....and possibly start over and have them sing and act  
out once they are all front and center!  You can purchase this CD OR just the one song as an MP3.

The Bare Necessities

From the Jungle Book soundtrack, the children would also recognize this one!

Under the Sea

This song from The Little Mermaid is fun, upbeat and the children love it!

Songs for Family Happy Tears!

Let Them Be Little

My absolute favorite for preschool graduation! So moving. I've used it for parent DVD photo montages   that I make each year!  Definite   tear-jerker!

I Hope You Dance

A hopeful and motivating song   when seen as being directed   toward children. 

You Raise Me Up

If you asked parents to send in pictures of themselves with their kids, this would be a good song to play with those. 

Because You Loved Me

Also works for parent & child pictures, or pictures   of the teacher(s) with the kids. 

Teach Your Children

A good reminder to   parents and children that the children really are our future.

My Wish

Puts into words what both teachers and parents feel for the children in their care. 

Forever Young

A classic growing up song.  I also use this in the DVD photo montage!

Make sure you provide lots of tissues while playing these preschool graduation songs – you’ll need them!

Preschool Graduations Songs for the Children to Sing

Of course, we all know that the real stars of the ceremony are the children, so why not let them sing to us?

One choice is to have the children perform a few simple songs or fingerplays relating to growing up, graduating, or saying good-bye.

Here are some adorable songs to sing at the graduation. Be sure to start learning these ahead of time so children have enough time to learn the lyrics.

You may want to include some motions as you sing these preschool graduation songs.

Fun in Preschool 
Sung to: “I'll Be Working on the Railroad”

I've been having fun in preschool,

Learning all year long..

I can tell you all about it,

Just listen to this song.

We've been learning shapes and colors,

Letters and numbers too!

I've learned how to share with others,

Now our year is through!

I'm a Little Graduate
Original Author Unknown--Sung To: "I'm a Little Teapot"

I'm a little graduate

Dressed in red,

Wearing a gown

and a cap on my head.

When I leave preschool

I’ll be five

A kindergarten student

Aren't you proud of me?

Oh, We’re Off to Kindergarten
Copyright Mary Flynn - 
Used with permission
Sung to: “She’ll Be Comin’ Round the Mountain”

Oh, we’re off to Kindergarten, yes we are!

Oh, we’re off to Kindergarten, yes we are!

Oh, we’re off to Kindergarten,

We’re off to Kindergarten,

Oh, we’re off to Kindergarten, yes we are!

And we won’t be here in Preschool anymore!

Oh we won’t be here in Preschool anymore!

Oh we won’t be here in Preschool,

We won’t be here in Preschool,

Oh we won’t be here in Preschool anymore!

Original Author Unknown
Sung to: "Twinkle Twinkle Little Star"

Kindergarten here we come

We know we'll have lots of fun

Lots of things to make and do

Reading Writing Counting too

Kindergarten here we come

We know we'll have lots of fun

To Kindergarten We Go
by Christa Koch
Sung to: "Mary Had a Little Lamb"

In Preschool we had lots of fun,

Lots of fun, lots of fun.

In Preschool we had lots of fun.

To Kindergarten we go.

We know our letters and 123s

How to share, and all about me.

In Pre-k we had lots of fun.

To Kindergarten we go.

(sung to the tune of New York, New York)

This one is so cute! You might even want to add have the soundtrack from the song and the New York New York - the Instrumental version

Start spreading the news

We're leaving today

We want to be a part of it


We've worked very hard

We're ready to go

We're gonna be a part of it


We know our ABC's and our 1,2,3's so well

We've worked at sounding out words and stories to tell

Just ask us to rhyme

We'll say hens and pens

We've learned to share and get along with all our friends

So now we made it here

We'll make it anywhere

We're on our way


You can modify this for children moving up from preschool to prek!  Just replace the "Kinder-Garten" with "Prek! Prek!"

Music for a Slideshow

Playing music on a DVD you have made would be great!  We've done this EVERY year!  

We make a montage of pictures of the children from the year and put it to music!  

I have details on how I do this!  CLICK HERE for the Preschool Graduation Speech page to read about it!

I hope you enjoyed these ideas preschool graduation songs and music for your end of the year program!  

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