Preschool Graduation Gifts

Preschool Graduation Gifts prof

As a preschool teacher, you would like to present your students with a small gift to say goodbye and congratulations on their graduation.  Yet finding that gift idea can be a struggle both idea-wise and financially. 

Here are a few ideas for preschool graduation gifts to give your preschoolers to help celebrate this huge milestone in their lives. 

Snapshot poem

Before the year ends, take a picture of you (and the other teachers) with each student. Print out pictures and attach on cardstock with the following poem -

Here is a picture that you can treasure. 
Teaching you has been a pleasure! 
The year now ends, and we must part, 
Always know you are in my heart!

goodbye bag

Include the following poem with a lollipop, a bookmark, pencil and eraser, and some Hugs and Kisses candies in a brown lunch bag or Ziploc bag and present the "Goodbye Bag" to your children on Graduation Day.

A lollipop because you are so sweet
A bookmark to mark the last page you read
A pencil and an eraser to practice your writing 
And Hugs and Kisses to remember me!

forget me not seeds

Purchase packets of Forget-Me-Not seeds. Attach the following poem to the packet and sign your name to make a cute graduation gift.

This past year, we’ve had a blast.
I sure wish that it could last.
I will miss you more than a lot.
And I hope that you will Forget-Me-Not!

Preschool Graduation Goody Bags

Don't let the guests at your graduation party leave empty handed! Fill Graduation themed cellophane bags with goodies! 

graduation stones

Set a congratulatory and inspiring tone for the graduate with these stones. resin star stones. They are 1-2 inches in diameter and have encouraging words such as family, health, success, etc. Check them out here.

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