Dr Jeans CDs

Dr Jean CD's are awesome and Dr. Jean is the best!  If you've not heard of her...you MUST check out ANY of her stuff!  You'll wonder how you taught preschool all these years without her!

My FAVORITE of Dr Jeans CDs

This is by far my FAVORITE of Dr Jeans CDs!  It has her famous "Tooty-Ta" song.  If you do not know this song, you have not truly had a great Circle Time in preschool!  ;)

The song is one that gets stuck in your head, in a good way, and your children will LOVE it!

I hear from past preschool students' parents NOW (the children are in 3rd grade) who say they all STILL sing Tooty-Ta!

As with all of Dr. Jean's songs, the songs on this CD are clear and fun while teaching concepts!

And There are MORE Dr. Jean CD's!

Here are ALL of her CD's! Check them out! You can find them at your local library, local teacher store, or by clicking the links below!

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