Parachute Play in Preschool

I LOVE parachute play in preschool!  PRESCHOOLERS love it as well!  It is one of the few large group, gross motor activities that draw in up to 95% of your preschoolers to join in!

Entering into cooperative play can be difficult for some preschoolers who are just learning how to do this.  You may have some children who will, without hesitation, join other children who are playing. 

For your preschoolers who are just learning how to do this, it can be scary.  They are not sure HOW to enter into play with an existing group... 

However, there is something about bringing out the parachute that just draws ALL the children over to play! Even those not sure how to join a group of children at play - there's a place for them at the parachute!

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Parachute Play in Preschool

What IS a Parachute Anyway?

Parachute Play in Preschool

When I first started assisting as an aide in the classroom many years ago, I had never heard of a parachute that is used for play!  Really!

The lead teacher had "Parachute Games" listed on the planner.

I had visions of parachutes that strap on your back!

Parachute Play in Preschool

Clearly that is not what it meant!  These are preschoolers!!!!

I then wondered if it meant the children were going to use para-trooper type toys.

Unclear, I asked her about it. She was SO excited to show me what it was!  She took it out and we went outside and played with it!  

A parachute is a soft cloth that is typically made out of nylon or lycra and is traditionally round.  When lifted up and then down, the underneath fills with air making the parachute billow and slowly descend.

I was IMMEDIATELY hooked and have had a parachute in each of my classrooms ever since!

What do preschoolers learn during Parachute Play?

Parachute Play in Preschool

There are so many areas of preschool development supported when using parachutes in your program:

  • Participating in cooperative play
  • Language development
  • Small and large muscle and motor development
  • Following 2 and 3 step directions
  • Problem solving skill development
  • Science skill development (predicting/inferring what will happen while moving the parachute in a variety of ways).

The list just goes on and on!

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Parachute Play Resources

There are many ideas and resources out there to plan some fun parachute games with your preschoolers!  

Here are some of my favorites:

Traditional Parachute

Parachute Games With DVD

Parachute Play Summary

Parachute Play in Preschool

Parachute play in preschool supports gross motor development, social development, encourages cooperative play and so much more!

I highly encourage you to use them regularly inside and outside!

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