Online Preschool Workshops

I have developed Online Preschool Workshops because as Early Childhood Educators, we are busy:  busy planning and preparing and lesson planning and, most importantly, busy spending time with our preschoolers!  That is why I have developed these online preschool workshops.

Most states/provinces require preschool teachers to participate in a set number of in-service clock hours of training each school or calendar year and many states approve online preschool workshops.

As an early childhood educator and director, I know how difficult it is to find affordable workshops as well as to find the time to participate in them!

This page will contain online workshops that may help you meet your in-service requirements* in the comfort of your own home!  You can take the entire current school year to complete them!

*If you are taking these workshops to meet annual in-service requirements, please click here for information regarding state approval.

Who Can Participate in These Workshops?

These online preschool workshops are for anyone who wants to learn more about these topics and grow in the early childhood field.  I have received several emails asking if these workshops are available for those who live outside of the United States.  Yes, they are!  Anyone is welcome to purchase and participate in them.

If you are working on meeting professional development or state in-service training hour requirements for your state, CLICK HERE to find out if the workshops qualify in your state.

How do these workshops work?

Once you have registered, your workshop will be delivered to your email.

The workshops are self-study,  meaning you complete the assignments in your own time!  You have 1 year from the time you register for the workshop to complete it.

The workshops are Powerpoint presentations in a PDF format.

Read the workshop and complete the assignments in the workshop and email them to me as you complete them.

After all assignments are completed and submitted, request your Completion Certificate.

Within one week of submitting your assignments and certificate request, you will receive feedback on your assignments and receive your certificate.*

The certificate will be dated and will state the number of clock hours you have earned.

How do I register for a workshop?

To register for a workshop:

1.  Click the link of the workshop you want to participate in

2.  Register and pay for the workshop.*

3.  The workshop will be delivered to the email address you use when registering!  

*You do NOT need to have a PayPal account to pay for your workshops.  When you click on Add To Cart you will see your invoice.  Click "CheckOut with Paypal" and then you have the option to either use your PayPal account or you can click "Don't Have A PayPal Account" and pay using your debit or credit card.

Do They Qualify in YOUR State for in-service training hours?

This will depend on your state.  Some state licensing divisions require pre-approval of workshops before they can be counted toward your state’s “in-service” or “clock” hours for training.

My workshops have been submitted to many states who require pre-approval and the status of those states are listed below.

Please note, however, that these approvals will run out on May 1, 2017.

Effective May 1, 2017, I will NOT be submitting or resubmitting the workshops for pre- or re-approval.  


Unfortunately, each state has its own application process that is based on their most current regulations divisions.  It is proving to be implausible for me to remain current in the knowledge of the ever-changing regulation revisions across 52 states. 

If your state requires that trainings must be submitted to them for approval before counting them toward your required hours, then my workshops will not count.  

Please give due diligence to your state’s regulations surrounding in-service hours and how/if online trainings qualify.  It is up to you to check with your Director and/or State Licensing Division to determine if this type of workshop qualifies toward your required hours.

What have teachers said about these workshops?

Click here to read testimonials and comments from teachers who have taken the workshops.

Online Preschool Workshops

Science In The Preschool Classroom

Science in the Preschool Classroom

Clock Hours: 4

 $15.00 (USD) 

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Children are naturally curious about the world around them and investigate it through their senses and language. 

This workshop will provide you with the knowledge and skills you need to create opportunities to help preschool children develop the 7 science process skills in all preschool interest learning centers.

 In this workshop you will:

  • Define science.
  • Learn how to set up a Science Interest Center in a preschool classroom.
  • Learn to plan informal and formal science learning activities.
  • Learn the basic process skills that children discover through science activities.
  • Become familiar with the general science areas.
  • Learn ways to implement science throughout your classroom.
  • Begin writing a science based theme for your classroom.

Science Workshop Preview:

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Math In The Preschool Classroom

Math in the Preschool Classroom

Clock Hours:  4      

$15.00 (USD)

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Children use math all day long!  During every activity from counting the steps they climb, to sorting blocks and stating “there are more red ones”, to separating the carnivores from the herbivores (for the dinosaurs’ own safety of course!), children are using

Knowing the math skills your preschoolers are developing and should be developing will help you plan math across your curriculum and throughout your classroom.

In this workshop you will:

  • ——Define math.
  • —Learn the basic math process skills that preschoolers develop through math activities.
  • —Learn how teachers have traditionally presented math to preschoolers and how you can do so in a developmentally appropriate way.
  • —Learn how to assess your current students’ math skills.
  • —Learn how to set up a Math Interest Area in your classroom.
  • —Learn math activities to implement throughout your classroom.
  • —Plan math activities for each interest center in your own classroom.

Math Workshop Preview:

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Do the Workshops Qualify in YOUR State?

The following information is only valid through April 30th, 2017.  Effective May 1, 2017, my workshops will NOT be re-submitted for approval to any of the states.  Click here to learn why.

A   C   D   F   G   H   I   K   L   M   N   O   P   R   S   T   U   V   W  



YES.  Workshops DO qualify as in service-trainings as each does fall under the core standards for the state.


YES.  Workshops DO quailify as clock hours under section 7 aac 57.350 provided that your Director/Administrator approves them.


YES.  Workshops DO qualify per the BCCL guidelines.


NO.  Workshops do NOT qualify in the state of Arkansas.

Arkansas requires trainers to attend an onsite Trainer Orientation to be approved through the TAPP Registry.  I
 live in Massachusetts and therefore can not commit to attending out of state trainings.  



YES.  Workshops DO qualify per state regulations, provided they are agreed upon with your Professional Growth Advisor (see your Credential Manual Handbook for details).


YES.  Workshops DO qualify as in-service training per state regulations.



YES.  Workshops DO qualify under Community Training as Level 1 classes.  These training hours will not show up on your DIEEC transcript.  You will receive a certificate of completion from me once all assignments are submitted and reviewed. 



YES.  Workshops DO qualify for in-service training in the state of Florida (per DCF Licensing Supervisor)



NO.  Workshops do NOT qualify in the state of Georgia.  I am not an approved trainer in this state.



NO. CANOES Registry only recognizes trainings offered by teacher educational organizations.  



NO. The state is not accepting applications for online trainings at this time.


No.  Not approved.


YES.  Workshops do qualify in Indiana.  


NOT approved.  The workshops are not approved by Iowa DHS  



NOT approved.  The only online child care trainings approved by  the KDHE/Child Care Licensing Program are ones that have college credit attached or have been approved for Early Childhood CEU's.


YES.  All workshops are approved and registered by The Cabinet for Health and Family Services DCC for Early Care and Education clock hour training.

Please note:  Once you complete the training, you will need to submit a copy of your certificate of completion (which I will email you) and a list of each session you attend on Kentucky's ECE-TRIS Individual Training Form which can be found by CLICKING HERE  



NOT approved.   Louisiana requires trainers to attend 15 clock hours state approved training per renewal period through Louisiana Pathways.  Unfortunately, I live in Massachusetts and therefore can not commit to attending out of state trainings.  



No.  Not approved.


NOT approved.  Maryland requires an in-state orientation and attendence at 2 quarterly meetings each year......and I am not in Maryland.  


YES.  All workshops DO qualify in Massachusetts through EEC based on their Professional Development Guidelines (I hold an undergraduate degree in ECE and am certified as Director II through EEC).


YES.  Workshops DO qualify per state licensing division.  


No.  My workshops do not quailify in Minnesota.


NO.  Not approved.


NO. Self-Study trainings are not approved for clock hour purposes.  


NO.  Not approved.



Yes.  All workshops qualify under Independent Study.  Once you complete my training and the assignments, I will send you a certificate of completion.  You must then submit the certificate along with the a completed Independent Study Documentation Form


YES. Workshops DO qualify.  I am an approved trainer through the Child Care Licensing Unit/DHHS in the state of New Hampshire.


YES.  Workshops DO I am an approved trainer (Master Trainer I) through the New Mexico Trainer Registry.  

All workshops qualify for in-service training.


No.  Not approved.


No.  Not approved.


No.  Not approved.


Yes!  North Carolina requires that each training be approved individually.  

Science in the Preschool Classroom is approved.

Math in the Preschool classroom is approved as of 7/15/15


NO  At this time, the Registry does not accept applications from out of state trainers.



YES.  Workshops DO qualify through Ohio Department of Job and Family Services  for up to 10 training hours required by state licensing.  Once you have completed my workshop(s), be sure to state in your certificate request email that you are in the State of Ohio and need a signed JFS 01307 form from me.

Workshops do NOT qualify for Step Up To Quality yet--I am pending a response from that department.



No.  Not approved.



NO.  Workshops are not approved in Rhode Island.



South Carolina requires that each training be approved individually.  

STATUS:  Science in the Preschool Classroom is approved.

Math in the Preschool Classroom is not approved

(South Carolina is changing the online workshop review process in Fall 2015.  Both workshops will be re-reviewed at that time.


YES All workshops qualify for hours (per Child Care Services Dept. of the DHS).



YES.  Both workshops (Math and Science workshops) have been approved by DHS as recognized trainings for licensed providers in the State of Tennessee (as of Feb 26, 2015)


YES.  Workshops DO qualify based on Texas' Child Care Trainer Requirements (I hold an undergraduate degree in Early Childhood Education).


Virginia  Workshops are accepted ( no approval needed at this time).


Washington (state of):  No.  Not approved.

Washington D.C.  NOT approved.  

Wisconsin    NOT approved.  Wisconsin requires specific training courses for trainers which I do not have. 

What teachers are saying about the workshops:

I learned so much from this wonderful workshop! I am excited to get back to work to implement the new activities I’ve planned and evaluate my students based on my new understanding of the preschool math skills!

Thank you so much  Mallory M.


"I just got done taking Science in the Preschool Classroom. And boy did it help me reevaluate my science area and the activities I was doing. It was a great workshop that will help to not only understand what and how your children are learning from the different sciences but how to plan a whole classroom theme around a type of science. I loved the workshop and love the website."         --Jessica S.


This is absolutely AWESOME!  GREAT JOB!!!! I a so proud of you and all you  have done with Preschool Plan-it and now this great workshop!

 --Peg Kelly from  


 Thank you again.  I love this workshop.  It is helping me to really think about what I do each day and how it fits in to the science category.  --Diane B., Canada


I enjoyed taking this class. It really got me thinking about numerous other ways I could incorporate Science into our daily schedule.  --Amanda R. 


What others have said about the workshops:

Thank you for this workshop. I’ve never done anything like this online before, but after completing this, I would be MOST willing and interested in taking another workshop from you.  I thought it well organized and informative.  Quite frankly, I would rather participate in another of your workshops than attend some of the preschool conferences that seem to be out there these days.  After 24 years of teaching, I really, really try to find new and fresh ideas and ways to implement them in class and quite frankly, I walk away from a lot of these thinking, “Been there, done that, got the t-shirt,” and felt like my time spent was completely wasted (as do my fellow teachers of comparable years in school).  I realize that many of the workshops are geared to the beginning teachers, and that is good.  Many of the physical workshops out there do not require much of you in the way of effort in thought on the subject matter.  Again, I thought what you offered was excellent.  Thank you!

I also appreciated your feedback on what I put out there—I realize that after so many years, I do need reminders of how to go about some things.  I do need to encourage more questions, and sincerely try.  Our “instructional time” is not just geared to the centers/art time or group time.  We talk all the time with the kids, listen and try to encourage questions as much as possible.  One of the reasons (in addition to loving the kiddos and the ladies I teach with) that I’ve remained at our preschool is that it truly is an excellent mixture of being a  play based preschool with a good balance of the academic experiences and offerings.

My husband, who completed his masters in Aeronautical Science two years ago, commented that often he had found that many of his on-line courses were more challenging and required much more of him than those he attended physically, and I would say your course fit into that description. 

--Deborah F., Marietta, GA


Thank you so much for this workshop.  I really enjoyed it.  It made me think about how I can use this very useful information in my classroom.  



I have truly enjoyed your Science workshop and I thank you so much for all your feedback from both classes!   The assignments help teachers really think about how they present math and science in the classroom because when it comes down to it, its all about presentation and what interests the kids that will help them learn and grow.

I hope you don't mind me using you as a reference person should I have any questions in the classroom or need suggestions for activities or centers!  Thanks again for all your help and advice.  If any of my fellow co-workers and/or friends who are teachers are in need of inservice hours, I will certainly direct them to your classes!


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