Building Parent Teacher Relationships

Building Parent Teacher Relationships

Building parent teacher relationships in preschool should be a top priority.  It is the responsibility of the director to train teachers in this area as well.  Find out the many ways to build these relationships here!

Families entrust the most important people in their lives to you:  their children.  

Here we will talk about how to develop our relationships with parents from that first phone call or tour to the day to day interactions.  

Before we delve into those areas, let's consider the child's entire family.

  • You may have a student who is dropped off and picked up by grandma. This child may spend evenings or afternoons with her or he may live with her.  More and more grandparents are becoming the active custodians of their grandchildren for a variety of reasons.  
  • You may have a student who is from a divorced or separated parent situation.  

It is important for you to know who this child spends time with during the week and on the weekends.  

The point is that it is important for you and your staff to know the people directly involved in each child’s life including grandparents, step parents, foster parents and, of course, each child’s parents!


  • When Grandpa drops his grandchild off and she cries…do you know why she is crying?  Is this typical separation anxiety?  Perhaps.  
  • Or perhaps Grandpa has been visiting for a month and will be flying home today.  
  • Or perhaps the child just visited Mom this weekend in prison but lives with Grandma.
  • When Mom drops her son off and he cries, again- is this typical separation anxiety?  Perhaps.  
  • Or, perhaps it is Dad’s scheduled visitation weekend or split week.

Home is always home!  What happens at home stays with us all day.  The more connected you and your staff are to families and the better you know them improve parent teacher relationships.  And that partnership better enables your program to help each child grow and develop.  

Let's Start Building Parent Teacher Relationships!

With trusting relationships formed, directors and teachers can work together with families, as a team, to provide what is in the best interest of our preschoolers!

Let's begin looking at the different ways we can build these relationships!

Parent Communication (daily, weekly, monthly)

Parent Handbooks

Parent/Teacher Conferences

Parent Involvement (involving parents in the program)

Parent Volunteers in the Classroom

Parent Meetings (meeting with parents about concerns as well as properly handling parent complaints)

Parent Education (workshops, programs, referrals)

Parent Orientation Meetings

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