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Preschool Lesson Plans, Preschool Themes & More for Preschool Teachers!

Welcome to Preschool Plan It:  A world of preschool lesson plans, preschool themes, articles and more for your classroom!

As an early childhood educator/director for the past 20 years, I know that the time you spend developing your plans and activities is second only to the time spent in the classroom interacting with your preschoolers! 

You are committed to planning preschool curriculum that is engaging, hands-on, interactive and fun while ensuring that the activities you choose meet your goals of supporting each child’s level of growth and development. 

My goal with this website, Preschool Plan-It, is to provide you, the preschool teacher, with everything you need to develop preschool lesson plans and preschool activities for your classroom...all from one website where you can "Search (for) It, Find It and then Plan It"!

The information on this website is divided into eight main sections:

Resources, Lesson Plans, Activity Plans, The Classroom, Preschoolers, Families, Toddlers and The Staff Lounge.

Choose the area that you'd like to explore from the links below or the navigation bar to your left.  

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Enjoy your visit! Sit back, relax and

Search-It, Find-It, Plan-It!


Online Preschool Workshops

Product Reviews

The Preschool Cubby

The Preschool Professor Website
My "How To" Site for Preschool Teachers

The Preschool Director Website
My website just for Directors!

Lesson Plans

This is what we spend the most time doing (other than the time we spend with our students).  This is an ever growing list of activities, lesson plans and resources for you so check back often!

General Themes

Bible Themes

Plan A Theme

Circle Time Planning

Preschool Concerts & Plays

Birthday Party Planning

Activity Plans

Bad Weather Activities

Transition Activities

Math activities, science activities, sensory activities, playdough activities and so much more to be added!

The Classroom

Interest Learning Centers

Classroom Volunteers

Classroom Pets

Classroom Design

Behavior Guidance

Product Safety Recall

Transitional Times


Diagnosis Danger

Developmental Milestones

Special Needs

Preschool Assessment

Progress Reports

Language Development


Parent Conferences

Family Life Events

School Readiness

Parent Communication

Separation Anxiety


Staff Lounge!  A place just for you! 

The Preschool
Cubby Store

Teacher Timesavers


Preschool Humor

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