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In your Christian preschool classroom, you have the great opportunity to prepare preschool Bible lessons for your students!

Blessings to you and your children as you plan your preschool days! It is an honor to share ideas and activities with others who have the responsibility to share the Good News with preschool children through preschool lesson plans.

Here are the Preschool Bible Lessons Theme Pages

These preschool Bible lessons can help you expand on a Bible story to help draw your children closer to Jesus! This page is an ever growing list of Preschool Bible Lessons and Themes for you to choose from.

Each theme includes age appropriate ideas for your Interest Learning Centers including art, science, math, dramatic play, writing, reading/library, easel, cooking and more!

Choose the Preschool Bible Theme you are planning for!

Adam and Eve

Creation (General Theme Ideas for a Week long Theme!

Creation Day 1- Light

Creation Day 2-Sky And Water

Creation Day 3-Land, Sea and Vegetation

Creation Day 4-Sun, Moon and Stars

Creation Day 5-Fish and Birds

Creation Day 6-Animals and People

Creation Day 7-He Rested

David and Goliath

God Made Me

Noah's Ark

Birth of Christ

Armor of God 


Good Samaritan

Jesus and the Children

Jesus Feeds 5000

Jesus Washes Feet of the Disciples

The Prodigal Son

Palm Sunday


National Day Of Prayer (May Theme)


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