Creation Day 5 - Fish and Birds Theme for Preschool

This Creation Day 5 Preschool Theme - Fish and Birds page is based on Genesis 1:20-23

"20 And God said, 'Let the water teem with living creatures, and let birds fly above the earth across the vault of the sky.' 

21 So God created the great creatures of the sea and every living thing with which the water teems and that moves about in it, according to their kinds, and every winged bird according to its kind. And God saw that it was good. 

22 God blessed them and said, 'Be fruitful and increase in number and fill the water in the seas, and let the birds increase on the earth.' 

23 And there was evening, and there was morning—the fifth day." (Genesis 1:20-23, NIV)

This page includes preschool lesson plans, activities and Interest Learning Center ideas for your Preschool Classroom!

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Let the theme planning begin!

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Creation Day 5 Preschool Theme

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Creation Theme

Creation Day 5 - Fish and Birds Theme Activities begin Here!

Art Activities

Creation Day 5 - Fish and Birds Theme Art

Did you know there are around 10,000 species of birds and just under 28,000 species of fish in the world...and that covers the ones we KNOW about!  God's creation is amazing!  Use this day to learn more about the different types of birds and fish in the world!

Creation Day 4 Preschool Theme Art Activity

Create a Bird

Materials needed:  Feathers of all colors and sizes, glue, paper, googly eyes

Let the children create their own bird!

Handprint Birds and Fish!

Materials needed:  Fingerpaint in different colors, googly eyes, and paint brushes.

Paint the children's hand in their choice of color or colors!

They make a hand print on the paper.

Their fingers are the back fin of a fish or the back feathers of a bird.

Let them add feet and beaks for birds, scales for fish, etc. by using their fingers in the fingerpaint.

Add googly eyes!

Nature Fish and Birds

Do you have a lot of leaves outside?  Bring some in and let the children paint them to look like birds and fish.

Add googly eyes, too!

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Block Area

Creation Day 5 - Fish and Birds Theme Block Center Ideas

Water or Air?

Provide small animals in the block area today.  Only include those that fly and those that live in the water.

The children sort them by habitat.  Perhaps they will build homes for them!

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Circle Time Activities

Creation Day 5 - Fish and Birds Theme Circle Time Ideas

Circle Time is such a great time for children to learn the social skills of being together as a large group AND to learn more about your theme!

Bible Story

Read about Day 5 from your favorite children's Bible or your own Bible. Genesis 1:20-23

Your Own Words

Tell the account of Genesis 1:20-23 in your own words and hand motions! Wiggle your hand when you say fish, flap your elbows when you say birds!

Name Them!

Ask the children to name the kinds of birds they can think of and list them on a paper.

Do the same with the kinds of fish!

Theme Props Intro

Use puppets to tell today's Creation account!  Use a bird and a fish puppet!

1,2,3,4,5 Fish Song

1,2,3,4,5       (put up 1 finger at a time on right hand)

Once I caught a fish alive.  

6,7,8,9,10      (put up 1 finger at a time on left hand now!)

Then I let him go again.

Why did you let him go?  (Put hands up and shrug shoulders).

Because he bit my finger so (Make a sad/hurt face)

Which finger did he bite?

This little pinky on my right! 

Cooking Recipes

Snack Recipe Ideas to Cook Up for Your Theme!

Cooking with children helps develop their math skills and helps them to learn how to follow directions. It also allows for some great conversation! Ask many questions while cooking with your children to encourage conversation! Be sure to ask specific themed questions while making these fun snacks!

Cracker Fish!

Materials needed: Round or oval crackers (body); cheese, pre-sliced into small triangles (fins); shredded carrot (lips!); blueberry or raisin for eyes!

Healthy Bird Nest

Materials needed:  pretzel sticks, block of different colors of cheese, raisins, cheese grater

Let children help grate some cheese.

Place each ingredient in a separate bowl with a spoon in each.

Children take a scoop of each item and place into their own bowl.

Children make these items into a nest!

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Dramatic Play Ideas

Creation Day 5 - Fish and Birds Theme Ideas to Transform Your Dramatic Play Area

Refrigerator Box Creation...continued!

Today, add markers in a bowl and some stuffed birds and water animals/ land animals yet, they haven't been created!

Let the children draw fish on the sea paper that was added this week and birds to the top of the box...flying in the sky or living in the trees they drew the other day!

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Easel Ideas

Creation Day 5 - Fish and Birds Theme Ideas for your Easel--

More Than Just Painting (Although that is always THE favorite in our classroom!)

Fish in a Bowl

Encourage your children to pretend the paper is a fish bowl or tank...what fish will they paint in their bowl or tank?

Lovely Birds!

Provide feathers for the children to paint with today!  What would a bird look like if they created one?

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Gross Motor Games

Creation Day 5 - Fish and Birds Theme Large Group Games 

that help build their muscles while they have fun together

Flying Fish and Birds!

Use rubber ducks or plastic fish for a tossing game!  Line up empty water bottles like bowling pins and toss the ducks or fish to knock the bottles over!

OR, have colored bins and the children toss the corresponding colored duck or fish into the same colored bin!

Duck, Duck, Goose!

Teach the children how to play this game.

Be sure that each child has a turn to be the "ducker"!

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Library and Literacy

Creation Day 5 - Fish and Birds Theme Ideas for Your Library Area

Book Suggestions for the Library

(I LOVE Amazon, and some of the links below will take you to the Amazon website.  If you do choose to purchase yours through Amazon, they do send me a few cents--which supports my coffee habit! )

The 7 Days of Creation by Mindy MacDonald

Are You My Mother by by P. D. Eastman (my all time favorite book!)

Hooray for Fish by Lucy Cousins

One Fish, Two Fish, Red Fish, Blue Fish by Dr. Seuss

Lots and Lots and Lots of non-fiction books about birds and fish that have great pictures!
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Math And Manipulatives Activities

Creation Day 5 - Fish and Birds Theme Activities to help your Preschoolers develop those small muscles in their hands!

Creation Day 5 Preschool Theme Gross Motor Activity

Catch the Worm!

Materials needed:  colorful chenille pipe cleaners cut into 1 to 1 1/2 inch pieces; tongs or pinch clothes pins; bowls

The children use the tongs or clothes pins to pick up the pipe cleaner "worms" and sort them into bowls.

Chart the Fish!

Make a chart on paper (make several so many children can do this at the same time).

Make 5 columns and make one smaller row across the bottom.

On the bottom row of the first column, print the number 1 and make 1 dot under the one.

On the bottom row of the second column, print the number 2 and make 2 dots under the two.

Continue with all 5 columns.

Above the bottom row, draw the number of fish that correspond with the number of that column.

Provide the children with a small cup or bowl of goldfish crackers.

They place one fish on each fish drawing and count them as they go!

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Music and Movement

Creation Day 5 - Fish and Birds Theme Music and Movement Activities and Ideas to get your Preschoolers Movin' and Groovin'!

God Created

There is a great song my daughter's Sunday school teacher sang during the Creation Theme.

It is sung to the tune of Frere Jacques

We will add additional verses each day!

Today, sing:

God created!  God created!

Night and day, night and day.

That was on the first day.

That was on the first day.

And it was good!  It was good!

God created!  God created!

Sky and clouds, sky and clouds.

That was on the second day.

That was on the second day.

And it was good!  It was good.

God created!  God created!

Land and plants.  Land and plants.

That was on the third day.

That was on the third day.

And it was good!  And it was good!

God created!  God created!

Sun, moon and stars!  Sun, moon and stars!

That was on the fourth day.

That was on the fourth day.

And it was good!  It was good!

God created!  God created!

Fish and birds!  Fish and birds!

That was on the fifth day.

That was on the fifth day.

And it was good!  It was good!

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Sand and Water Table

Creation Day 5 - Fish and Birds Theme Activities for the Senses!

Bird Sensory Bin  


I know it is very common to put birdseed in the sensory table.  It feels cool and goes with the theme.

HOWEVER, you need to be aware that many birdseed manufacturers use peanut pieces in the bird feed.  It is for this reason that we do not have birdseed in the classroom for activities (we are a peanut free classroom).

Add black beans, black rice or sunflower seeds, just read the ingredients for allergy warnings.

Add toy birds, scoops, cups, water wheels, sifters, etc.!

Gone Fishing

Add water and plastic fish to your water table.  Color the water.  OR, add water and fish to a small wading pool.

Add small nets to fish with!

VARIATION:  Instead of water, add colored jewels and colored fish tank gravel!

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Science Activities

Creation Day 5 - Fish and Birds Theme Science Activities--for your Preschool Scientists in Training!

Observe a Bird Nest

My Mom LOVED to watch birds!  We had bird houses all over our back yard!  She would remove abandoned nests in the fall and bring them to the preschool for my preschool children to check out!

Materials needed:  A bird nest that has been abandoned in a tree, magnifying glasses, paper and marker

The children take time to explore the nest.  They draw or print what they see (or you print it for them!).

Really look at the nest!  It is pretty amazing to see what they use in their nests!  We have found lint, fabric from our patio chairs (oh no!), plastic and more!

Bird Nest in a Bottle

This is a follow up to the last activity.  I found this idea on Pinterest and love it!  

Materials needed:  plastic water bottles....that's it!

Take a walk with the kids.  Have them find items outside they might use to make a bird nest!

Leaves, twigs, etc.

Jellyfish in a Bottle

Really!  This is AMAZING!  I have never made one, but it looks great!

The instructions are on the link below!

Materials needed:  Clear water bottle, transparent plastic grocery bag, thread, food coloring, scissors, water

Flatten grocery bag.  Cut off handles and bottom.  Cut seams (you now have 2 sheets of bag...use one for each bottle you make!).

From the center of one sheet, make a fold to shape into a small head for a jellyfish (just pinch a small area together) and tie that off with thread.***Leave a little opening in the head will need some water to get in there! This is the head.

Now, cut the sheet from the edges up to the near the head for tentacles. Cut roughly, tentacles aren't smooth edged!  

You should have 7 or 8 wide tentacles.  Now cut those 7 or 8 up the middle!

Now fill the head with water. 

Fill your water bottle.  Push your jellyfish, head first, into the water bottle.

Add blue food coloring.


DIY Jelly Fish in a Bottle
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Writing Activities

Writing Activity Ideas for Your Creation Day 5 - Fish and Birds Theme!

Creation Day 5 Preschool Theme Writing

Sand Trays

Place colored sand in a shallow tray.  The children use their fingers to make letters or just make designs in the sand.  

This is a great way for the children to develop their muscles to make the lines and curves that will be required to make letters!

Stick Letters

Provide lots of craft sticks.  

Encourage the children to make letters out of the sticks!

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