Jesus Feeds 5000 Preschool Theme

Jesus Feeds 5000 Preschool Theme

Jesus Feeds 5000 is also referred to as the Fishes and Loaves Bible story.

You will find this Bible story in:
Matthew 14:13-21

Mark 6:30-44

Luke 9:10-17

John 6:1-14

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Jesus Feeds 5000 Art Activities

Painted Fish and Loaves

Materials Needed: Precut fish shapes(2 for each child) and bread loaf shapes (5 for each child) from construction paper; paint; large white circle or large paper plate for each child.

The children paint their fishes and loaves. When dry, they glue them onto their circles, or "plates".

Laundry Basket Fishes and Loaves

Materials Needed: After reading the story about Jesus feeding the 5,000 (see Laundry Basket Story below under Circle Time Ideas), Give each child a small white bag and a brown bag. They decorate each bag (one as a fish and one as a loaf of bread) with markers. The children then stuff their bags with crumpled up newspaper.

When completed, have the children put their fishes and loaves back into the laundry basket. Sit with them to discuss that it all fit in the basket to begin with and doesn't all fit in the laundry basket now, much like in the story!

Fishing Rod Painting

Materials Needed: Dowel rods (or long sticks from outside) with string tied to one end and a paint brush tied to the other end; paper plates with paint on them; paper to paint on.

The children use their fishing rods to lower the paintbrushes into the paint and then onto their paper.

Suggestion: Not a great table activity! Try covering a large floor area with newspaper for the children to do this activity on.

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Jesus Feeds 5000 Block Center Ideas

Add as many little people as you can find to the block area today to show how many people Jesus was preaching to on the day of His fishes and loaves miracle.

The children can use the blocks to make hills and areas for the people to sit on while they listen to Jesus teach about God. Encourage your children to "teach" the people about God!

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Jesus Feeds 5000 Circle Time Ideas

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Circle Time is such a great time for children to learn the social skills of being together as a large group AND to learn more about your theme!

Picnic Blanket Storytime

In advance, place a large (or a few large) blankets at circle time. Tell the Bible story as a large group sitting together and then share some goldfish crackers as you read the story.

Flannel Board Storytime

In advance, prepare the following flannel pieces: 2 colorful fish shapes, 5 loaves of bread and 12 baskets (You can use paper and place velcro or dryer fabric sheets on the back instead of using actual felt pieces)

Give each child a story piece and pause while telling the story for each child to place their piece on the board.

Laundry Basket Props

Place the following items in a small laundry basket:

Folded newspaper (many)

Brown lunch bags (enough for each child)

White lunch bags (enough for each child)


Children's Bible

Read the story of Jesus Feeds 5,000 to the children from the Children's Bible.

After the story, carry the basket to the art area and use the items for the art project (See the art project above called Laundry Basket Fishes and Loaves).

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Cooking Ideas for Your Jesus Feeds 5000 Theme

Cooking with children helps develop their math skills and helps them to learn how to follow directions. It also allows for some great conversation! Ask many questions while cooking with your children to encourage conversation! Be sure to ask specific themed questions while making these fun snacks!

Home Made Bread

Use your favorite recipe to make home made bread with the children.

Fishes and Loaves...kind of

In advance, make tuna salad (or have the children help you to make it!). Let the children spread the tuna salad onto crackers for snack.

Crackers and Fish

Provide cream cheese (or other cheese spread), crackers and goldfish crackers.

The children spread the cheese and then count out 2 goldfish, and place the gold fish on top of their cheese spread.

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Jesus Feeds 5000 Theme Ideas To Transform Your Dramatic Play Area

Picnic Time

Does more need to be said?! Provide a large blanket, play food and Bibles in your Dramatic play center!

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Jesus Feeds 5000 Theme Ideas For Your Easel

Coffee Filter Fish

In advance, cut coffee filters into fish shapes. Provide washable markers and spray bottles with water at your easel.

The children color the fish and when they spray them with water, the colors blend. BEAUTIFUL effect!

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Jesus Feeds 5000 Theme Large Group Games That Help Your Preschoolers Build Their Muscles While Having Fun Together!

Magnet Fishing

Use dowel rods or sticks from outside. Tie string or yarn to one end of the stick. Tie a magnet on the other end of the string or yarn.

Cut out fish shapes and place large, metal paper clips to the mouths of each fish.

The children use the rods to fish for fish!

VARIATION: Program the fish to go along with a concept you are working with. They can fish for fish with letters on them--they must catch them in order: A, B, etc.

Or program them with numerals on them, or with names or words on them!

Follow Me Obstacle Course

John 6:48 reads "Jesus is the bread of life". Create an obstacle course that ends with a loaf of bread to go along with the feeding of the 5,000 story.

They follow the obstacle course to find the loaf of bread (a paper in the shape of bread with the name Jesus printed on it).

Use whatever you have in your space for the course: Under a table, over or around a chair, between 2 strings (pretend it is a river), jump over a "snake", etc.

Filling 12 Baskets

Use 12 large, brown grocery bags for the children to toss bean bags or crumpled newspaper in so that they can fill the 12 baskets from the story!

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Jesus Feeds 5000 Library Ideas

Provide many different Bibles available for the children to see this story, especially Picture Bibles!

The Beginner's Bible: Timeless Children's Stories
Jesus Feeds the Five Thousand (I Can Read! / Bible Stories)

Jesus Feeds 5000 Theme Ideas To Help Your Preschoolers Develop The Small Muscles In Their Hands and Their Math Skills!

Fishes and Loaves Necklaces

Materials: Ziti macaroni, string or yarn, precut fish from sturdy tagboard.

The children string the ziti and fish to make their own jewelry. Encourage them to make patterns (i.e. 2 fish, 2 "loaves" (ziti) or fish, ziti, fish, ziti).

Fish and Loaf Matching

Place 12 baskets or small cups out on a table, each with a numeral on it. Provide precut bread shapes and fish shapes.

The children should count the corresponding number of fish or loaves into each basket.

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Jesus Feeds 5000 Theme Music and Movement Activities To Get Your Preschoolers Movin' and Groovin'!

Jesus Feeds 5000 Song

sung to the tune of Have You Ever Seen a Lassie

Jesus fed five thousand, five thousand, five thousand.

Jesus fed five thousand, He loved them so much.

There were men and women and also their children.

Jesus fed five thousand, with 2 fishes and 5 loaves.

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Jesus Feeds 5000 Theme Ideas for Your Sand and Water Table

Swimming Fish

Use water, plastic fish and plastic boats in your water table today!

Sink or Float

In your water table, find out what items from the story would sink and which would float: Use bread, fish, baskets, sandals, grass, sand, etc.

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Jesus Feeds 5000 Theme Science Ideas
For Your Preschool Scientists In Training!

Beta Fish!

Materials Needed: Just a fish in a bowl. This is a classroom pet but may be fun for the children to observe!

Bread Mold Experiment

Materials: 2 slices of bread, water, 2 plastic (Ziploc) bags.

Spread water on top of one slice of bread. Seal in a Ziploc bag.

Place the other slice of bread in a Ziploc bag without water.

Watch for a couple of weeks and observe what happens!

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Writing Activity Ideas for Your Jesus Feeds 5000 Theme

Name Printing

Materials Needed: Provide a loaf of bread shaped stencil.

Encourage the children to trace the loaf shape and then cut it out with scissors. They then print their name on the bread for name practice.

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