Top 3 Ways to Increase Preschool Enrollment When You Redesign or Create A Website

One of the most important preschool marketing strategies you can do today is to create a website for your preschool program.  Done well, your website will be one of your primary means to increase preschool enrollment!

The primary way families learn about preschool programs and child care is through referrals from friends or family.  Searching online is the second means of finding care.  

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Create a Website for your Preschool

In fact, reported that 97% of consumers search online for products and services—yet 58% of small businesses do not have a website!  

If you don't have a website, you need to look into this RIGHT NOW!  Most families use the internet when looking for childcare.  And guess what?  If you're not online you can't be found!  

If you already have a website, now is a good time to take a fresh look at it.  If you are not using solid SEO (Search Engine Optimization) strategies or providing key information, you will not be found in your little corner of the web.

I KNOW creating a website, or auditing the one you have, sounds daunting.  Trust me!  I would much prefer to focus on my relationships with staff, families and children as well.  However, if potential clients can't find you, you won't have relationships to nurture!

Let’s talk about improving preschool enrollment by improving your preschool website (It is not as complicated as it sounds!  Really!).  Let's discuss:

  1. Creating a Website That Will Be Found.  Take steps to ensure your website is found by your target audience:  families looking for the services you provide in your local area.
  2. What Sets You Apart. Your website should highlight what sets you apart from other programs in your area.
  3. Becoming a Lead Generating Machine.  Taking steps on your website to capture contact information of leads to open up communication between you and potential families.

1. Create A Website That Will Be FOUND!

Create a Website for your Preschool

When you create a website, or audit and possibly redesign the one you have, there is more to focus on than color schemes and logos.  I’m not saying branding is not important, but it is less important than having the right search terms and items in place.

You may have heard the phrase Search Engine Optimization (or SEO).  It refers to the process used to attract traffic organically or naturally from search results on search engines.  Mostly it refers to keywords, those highly used search words, terms and phrases used by people when searching online.

Here's an example.  Let's search for child care in Massachusetts.  I'm going to use Google.  

Over 42  million results come up!  

So, let's boil it down a bit and look in a specific county in Massachusetts.

There are over 2  million searches for child care in my county.  

Let's look at a specific city.

Down to 24,000!  That's a LOT of Child Care!

Create a Website for your Preschool

As you can see, the more specifically and locally a person searches, the more the results are reduced.

How will a family find your program then?  They will search by area, usually by city and state first.  If you have a “north end” or a "west side", then they may search in that way. 

Now you try it for your city, town, county and/or state.  What kind of search results did you get?

The purpose of this exercise is for you to see the many keywords that might be used to find your website! Google has a tool called Google Keyword Tool, where you can check for the popularity and get ideas for popular keywords.  Here is what I find when I type in Child Care in Massachusetts:

As you can see, there are many popular keywords and combinations that can be used.  This tells me how many monthly searches there are for these keywords.  Some keywords are more competitive than others. For example, ranking high for child care centers is competetive.  Others, not so much. 

Your goal will be to utilize keywords that your customers will be searching for.  You will use those words or phrases when you create a website and on each page.  Doing so helps you rank higher in the search engines.

I know this sounds like a lot of information, but with some research and practice, you will become better and better at determining the keywords to use for your program.

Let's now talk about the 2nd of the Top Three Ways to Increase Preschool Enrollment with a Website.  

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