Preschool Ice Theme

This Preschool Ice Theme page includes preschool lesson plans, activities and Interest Learning Center ideas for your Preschool Classroom and links to specific weather activities!  Looking for other weather types themes? Click Here for the Main Weather Theme Page for more ideas!  

Let the Theme planning begin!

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Preschool Ice Theme Art

Frozen Chalk

Materials needed:  cornstarch, water, food coloring or watered down paint

Color the water.  Mix equal parts of water and cornstarch.

Pour into ice cube trays or other molds.


Voila, Frozen Chalk!

Ice Cube Painting

Mix water with tempera paint.  Make many colors.

Have the children help you to fill ice trays with different colors using pipettes.

Cover ice tray with plastic wrap.

Insert craft sticks into each compartment.

Once froze, remove plastic wrap and let children paint with their ice sticks!

Glow Painting

I saw this done once and it was beyond cool!  

The teacher made a block of ice (she made several using small, clear bins that you store toys in!).

At the art table, she placed short, flat flashlights on the table, turned on, facing up to the ceiling.

She then place a clear bins over the flashlights.

She then placed a block of ice on each bin.

She provided the kids with paint brushes and cups of watered down paint that had salt mixed in.

She turned off the lights and let the kids paint!  

It was AMAZING!!!!!

I'll see if I can find a picture of it on Pinterest!  Check my pinterest link at the bottom of this page to find it!

Ice Marble Painting

Materials needed:  shallow trays or box covers, white paper, cornstarch, water, food coloring, small water balloons and a hand pump (like a hand soap pumper).

Make several colors of water.  

Mix equal amounts of water and cornstarch.

Fill balloons with it and tie off.  (Use the hand pumper to get the solution into the balloons)


Once frozen, remove the balloons and let sit at room temp until they begin to melt.

Place white paper in the shallow trays or box covers. 

Add a few Ice Marbles and let the children move the tray/box cover around to make the marble move around on the paper for a cool design.

NOTE:  If you use a LOT of food coloring, the colors will still come out a pastel color.

I morphed this and just froze water colored with lots of food coloring in the balloons and the colors were much more vibrant.

Perhaps you could use both!

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Preschool Ice Theme Block Center Ideas

The Dollar Store and other stores have plastic ice cubes...add water freeze them and add to your block area with trucks this week!

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Preschool Ice Theme Circle Time Ideas

Circle Time is such a great time for children to learn the social skills of being together as a large group AND to learn more about your theme!

Ice Cube Counting

Bring a bowl of ice cubes to circle.  Also bring an empty bowl.  Show them to the children and tell them you are going to play a Listening Counting Game.

Place the two bowls behind your back where the children can not see them.

Drop cubes, one at a time, into the empty bowl.  Have the children count how many cubes they hear.

Example:  Plop......1, Plop......2  Good job!  Let's try another!  Plop....1, Plop...2, Plop...3.  

Icy Chart

Materials needed:  chart paper, marker, ice cube

Hang a large piece of chart paper at circle and print:  Icy Cold Things!

Play a pass the ice cube game....perhaps play music while passing it from person to person.

When done, talk about how the ice cube felt!

Ask the children to name things they can think of that are really cold and list them on the chart paper.

Ideas:  ice cubes, my hands when I hold snow, the freezer, milkshakes, ice cream, etc.

EXTENSION:  Place this at your writing table.  See Writing Activities section for ideas for extended uses of this activity!

Where Did That Come From?

How does ice form on the outside of the windows in winter?

Show the children this at circle time!

Materials needed:  Clean, empty metal can (like a veggie can), crushed ice, salt and water.

Fill the can about 1/2 or so with crushed ice.

Add salt and water.

Watch the ice form!

Just like outside, there is a lot of water in the air, even when we can't see it!  When this air (called vapor) meets cold air (like we made in the can), it freezes!

Which Will Melt First?

Materials needed:  3 trays or bins of the same size; ice cubes, snow and icicles from outside.

Let the children feel each of the three materials.

Talk about what they are, how they feel, where they came from, etc.

Ask what will happen if you leave these trays inside?

Write down their answers on a paper near each tray.

Leave in the classroom and observe!  

Remind the children that we won't touch them for the rest of the day, just come over and observe, which means look and watch!

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Snack Recipe Ideas to Cook Up for Your Preschool Ice Theme!

Cooking with children helps develop their math skills and helps them to learn how to follow directions. It also allows for some great conversation! Ask many questions while cooking with your children to encourage conversation! Be sure to ask specific themed questions while making these fun snacks!

Fruit Ice

Materials needed:  Variety of fruit that the children can help cut up:  kiwi, banana, strawberry, melon; plastic knives, ice cube trays, water, juice, cups

The children cut up the fruit into chunks.  They place one piece in each ice cube compartment.

Let them help you to pour water over the fruit.

Place in freezer.

When frozen, place the cubes in bowls at the snack table with tongs or large spoons.  

The children choose 1 or 2 cubes to put in their cup.

They then add juice to it.  (Apple juice works best because they can see the ice melt and the fruit float in the juice!

Let's Get Warm!

Materials needed:  5 cups cranberry-apple juice, 1 1/2 cup orange juice, cinnamon stick.

Have the children help you to pour the ingredients in a pan.  Drop in the cinnamon stick.

You warm it on the stove.

Remove cinnamon stick.  

Serve and enjoy!

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Preschool Ice Theme Ideas to Transform Your Dramatic Play Area

Brrr...It's Cold Outside!  Dress for it!

Provide snowpants, boots, mittens and gloves for the children to practice putting on by themselves!

You could also provide babies and baby winter clothes for them to dress as well!

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Preschool Ice Theme Ideas for your Easel--
More Than Just Painting (Although that is always THE favorite in our classroom!)

Icy Scene

Materials Needed: hot water, table salt, black construction paper and brushes

In advance, add salt to hot water.  Dissolve.  Let water cool.

When the children paint with it on paper, it is a very cool effect that looks like ice!

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Preschool Ice Theme Large Group Games to Help Your Preschoolers Build Their Muscles While They Have Fun Together!

Skating Indoors!

Kids just love this!  You just need a floor and the children take off their shoes and skate in their socks.

Or, for a carpeted area, give them squares of wax paper to skate on.

Ice Bowling

Fill round balloons with water colored with food coloring and freeze.

The next day, remove the balloon for a cool bowling ball!

Use the ice ball to bowl!  Use 2 liter bottles with colored water for the pins!

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Preschool Ice Theme Ideas for Your Library and Literacy Activities for your Preschool Classroom

Book Suggestions for the Library

Five Little Penguins Slipping on the Ice by Steve Metzger

Ice Is Nice!: All About the North and South Poles (Cat in the Hat's Learning Library) by Dr. Seuss

Flip-a-Word: Ice Mice by Harriet Ziefert

The Little Polar Bear by Hans De Beer

Slip! Slide! Skate! by Gail Herman

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Preschool Ice Theme Activities to help your Preschoolers develop those small muscles in their hands!

Math Cube Fun

This is a two part activity.

Materials needed:  several cups, water, food coloring, spoons, pipettes, ice cube trays.

Have the children help to add food coloring to cups of water and stir.

They use the pipettes to fill compartments of the ice cube trays...Let them mix colors...let go of the "not mixing the colors" ideas!

When they are done, place trays in freezer for the next day!

Math Cube Fun

Remove the trays of ice cubes from the freezer.  Let the children remove them from the trays and use them at the math center on cookie sheets!

Provide bowls and tongs as well for them to sort.

You could also provide mittens for them to wear!

Ice Cream Sorting

In advance, make pairs of "scoops of ice cream" shapes.  Laminate.

The children sort by pattern, count, etc.

Don't Break the Ice!

This is a GREAT game for your math table!!!

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Preschool Ice Theme Music and Movement Activities and Ideas to get your Preschoolers Movin' and Groovin'!

Ice Music

Provide children with a plastic container that has a cover.

Provide ice cubes and crushed ice in bowls.

The children scoop a bunch in their bowls and cover.

Now, play music (different, slow, quiet, loud, etc.) and the children shake to the beat!

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Preschool Ice Theme Activities for the Senses!

Ice Art

In advance, fill round balloons with water and freeze.

Remove balloon and place ice balls in your water table.

Sprinkle with salt (this will crack the ice)

Give children pipettes and cups of colored water to drip looks so very cool!

Catch the Cube

Add colored ice cubes to your water table.  Provide bowls, tongs and slotted spoons for the children to try and catch and count them!

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Preschool Ice Theme Science Activities--for your Preschool Scientists in Training!

Ice Catchers

These are fun to make and watch melt!  You can make them in any weather!

Materials needed:  pie pans, water, dried flowers, grass, tree sprigs, yarn

The children place their choice of items in their pan.  Place yarn in the pan so that a large loop of it sticks out of the pan.

Add water to almost full.

If it is below 32 degrees F. outside, place the pans outside to freeze!

If it is not cold enough outside, place the pans in the freezer.

When frozen, remove from pans and hang from trees outside!

Hang a few in the classroom with the pans under them to watch the progress of them melting.

Ice Melting

I know, this sounds as exciting as watching grass grow, right?  Wrong!  

Have your children help to fill ice trays with different colors of ice.  Do this by either filling with water and letting the children drop food coloring in each compartment or by providing cups of water that are already colored and they use pipettes to fill each compartment.

When frozen, provide lots of empty, clear cups.  

The children choose 2 or three different colors of ice cubes to put in each cup.

On an index card, write the colors they chose and what color they think this will make.

Wait for melting and observe!  

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Writing Activity Ideas for Your Preschool Ice Theme!

Icy Things

Place a large piece of paper at the writing table.  (Place the chart paper from the Circle Time Activity "Icy Chart" in Circle Time Activities on this page).

The children draw pictures and print, as best they can, Icy Things!

You can tell them how to spell the words or print the words for them.  Be sure they are with you when you print the words!  Hearing and seeing spelling are pre reading and writing skills!

For example, if they draw ice cubes, print the letters and say each one as you print it for them such as "I-C-E  That spells "ice".  Now, C-U-B-E  That spells "cube".  There.  It says (point while reading) Ice Cube!

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