Christian Christmas Theme for Preschool

"Oh Come, Let Us Adore Him" A Christian Christmas Preschool Theme!

In your Christian preschool classroom, you have the great opportunity to have a Christian Christmas theme!

Yes, you talk with the children about Jesus throughout the year...

But Christmas time!

This is the time to focus on the birth of our Lord and Savior- Jesus Christ!

Because you are talking about the baby Jesus, your preschoolers are already interested!

Babies are a fascination for most children of this age group.

More importantly-

talking about His birth and coming into the world helps your preschoolers develop a close relationship with Him.


This exciting time of year lays the foundation for your preschoolers of God sending us His son, Jesus Christ- in the same way your preschoolers came into the world- as a new born baby!

Enjoy this very special time of year teaching about and celebrating the reason for the Christmas season- the birth of Jesus!

You are blessed indeed to be in an environment where you can celebrate a Christian Christmas at preschool! Let's ease into our Christian Christmas Theme planning!

Blessings to you and your children as you plan for Christmas together! It is an honor to share Christian Christmas ideas and activities with others who have the responsibility to share the Good News with preschool children!

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Art Activities for Your Christian Christmas Theme

Star Ornament

Materials Needed: Gold paper; stickers of the manger scene; picture of each child; hole punch; gold ribbon; star tracer; scissors; Bible information tag: Print the following on a small rectangle to add to the ornament:

The Star led the Wise men to Jesus and now He leads me!

Encourage the children trace a star shape onto the gold paper and then cut out the star.

Have them choose a manger sticker to put on one side and use a glue stick to put their picture on the other side.

Hole punch the top tip of the star.

Hole punch the Bible information tag that you have preprinted.

Have children lace the ribbon piece into the Bible information tag and then into the hole in the top of the star. Help them to tie, leaving a loop so it can be hung on their tree at home.

Write the child's name and the year on the bottom of the star.

Happy Birthday, Jesus Balloons

Materials Needed: Balloons, assorted colors of yarn (precut), liquid starch, bowl for each balloon; petroleum jelly (vaseline).

1. Blow up balloons, 1 for each child. Rub with petroleum jelly and place in bowl (knotted side in bowl). 2. Show children how to dip yarn in liquid starch and then wrap balloon. 3. Have children cover quite a bit of the balloon. 4. Let starch dry. Pop balloon and remove. 5. Tie a bow on the bottom with a card that reads "Happy Birthday Jesus!" Write that phrase on large chart paper and encourage the children to write it themselves. If they cannot, try making dots in the shapes of the letters for the children to trace.

Hang balloons in classroom and use to decorate for your Christmas party! Then send home in time for the families to enjoy over Christmas as well!

Jesus in a Manger

Materials Needed: Paper towel tube (1 for every 4 children); paint and brushes; tissue paper or hay (real or synthetic purchased at craft store); wooden ice cream spoons (one for each child); fabric squares from plain off-white color (in 1 inch squares); glue

1. Cut the paper towel tube* in have to make 2 of them. Then cut them in half lengthwise. This makes 4 mangers.

2. Either draw a face on the wide portion of the wooden spoons or encourage the children to do so. This is baby Jesus.

3. Wrap baby Jesus in a fabric square and glue on.

4. Children paint the mangers.

5. Children glue hay or tissue paper in manger.

6. Place baby Jesus in manger.

Play "Away in a Manger" while working on this activity! *I only use paper towel tubes, NOT toilet paper tubes. I worry that there are just far too many germs on the toilet paper tubes! ;)

Foot and Hand Print Angels

This is an old but fun activity for the brave preschool teacher!

Materials needed: Construction paper; paint (color for Angel body and gold or yellow for the wings); paint brushes; glitter, markers.

Paint the child's foot and have them make a footprint in the middle of the construction paper for the Angel's body.

Paint the child's hands in yellow paint and have them make handprints to the right and left of the footprint for the Angel's wings.

Let the children use markers to make a face and hair and use glitter to decorate the wings!

Another Angel Idea!

Materials Needed: construction paper, facial tissues, glue, glitter, crayons; scissors

Have children cut a triangle out of construction paper (Angel body).

They should color and then decorate with glitter!

Glue facial tissues on the back for wings.

Cut out a circle for the Angel's face. Children should draw a face, hair, etc.

NOTES: Depending upon the age and abilities of your children, you can have them:

Cut the shapes out themselves.

Predraw the shapes for them to cut out on the lines--of course, they should simply cut AS BEST THEY's the process and practice, not the product!

Or, you can have the shapes precut out for them!

Handprint Sheep

Materials Needed: Black finger paint, white cotton balls or tissue paper.

Paint one of the children's hands with black paint. Help them make a handprint on a piece of construction paper.

Turn the paper so that the thumb print is on the side and the other four finger prints are on the bottom of the paper (the sheep's legs).

Encourage children to fill the palm part of their print with cotton balls or tissue paper using glue.

EXTENSION: Give them a wiggle eye to glue onto the thumbprint for the sheep's eye!

Sponge Painting

Materials needed: Large paper; assorted shapes of sponges, including people shapes; assorted colors of paint.

Encourage the children to sponge paint Christian Christmas scenes--the manger, the sheep in the field, the angel, the Wise men!

Child of God Ornament

Remind children and families that they are children of God with this ornament!

Materials Needed: Styrofoam balls, chenille (pipe) cleaners; assorted colors of tissue paper precut into small pieces; white school glue; brushes; a printed out picture of each child--prior to this activity, glue (with a glue stick) their picture onto a star shape paper.

Children push a pipe cleaner into the ball to form a loop.

Children then brush the ball with glue and add on tissue paper pieces to cover the ball.

Children then glue on their picture that is on a star.

Let dry (I recommend using paper plates that you have put petroleum jelly on so that the ornaments don't stick to the plate.

Add a tag onto the pipe cleaner hook that reads "We are all children of God" with the child's name, age and the year the child made the ornament.

VARIATION: You can also use plastic ornaments that snap together that can be found at crafts stores.

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Christian Christmas Theme Block Center Ideas

Christmas Story

Provide little people, animals, angels, shepherds, hay, etc. in your block area along with a picture book of the Christmas story. If you have a plastic nativity set that can be used, that would be perfect!

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Christian Christmas Circle Time Ideas

Circle Time is such a great time for children to learn the social skills of being together as a large group AND to learn more about your Christian Christmas Theme!

Flannel Story: The Three Magi

Materials Needed: Flannel pieces for- 3 wise men carrying gifts, a large star, an angel; Jesus in a manger; Mary and Joseph; shepherds and sheep; Children's Bible

Read of the 3 Wise Men who followed the star to bring gifts to and worship Jesus. Use the flannel pieces as you tell the story.

EXTENSION: If you have puppets, have the children use them while one other holds up a star.

Have the Wise men puppets move toward the star as you tell the story.

Silent Night

Materials Needed: In advance, write out the lyrics of the first verse of this song on chart paper. Find, or draw, appropriate pictures for each line. Or, use the following hand motions as you teach the children:

Silent Night (put finger on lips)

Holy Night (fold hands and bow head)

All is calm (finger over lips)

All is bright (point to star in sky)

Round yon virgin, mother and child (put hand up as though measuring tall person and then low as though measuring a child)

Holy infant so tender and mild (pretend to rock a baby)

Sleep in heavenly peace (raise both hands up to heaven)

Sleep in heavenly peace.

My Christmas Gift Finger play/poem

What can I give Jesus, small as I am? (Hands up, shoulders shrugged)

The shepherd gave him a baby lamb. (Baa, baa)

Three wise men gave him precious gold. (Hands out, face up, as handing a gift)

The angels sang of His glory untold. (Hands up to the sky, looking up)

Mary and Joseph gave their loving care. (Move arms as rocking a baby)

But what I can I give? (Hands up, shoulders shrugged)

My heart to share! (Hands on heart and then out toward the children).

Follow up with what it means to share your heart, being kind to others, sharing with others and, Jesus command to Love our neighbor's as ourselves.

Praise the Lord that we can teach and worship in our preschool classroom with a Christian Christmas theme!

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Snack Recipe Ideas to Cook Up for Your Christian Christmas Theme!

Cooking with children helps develop their math skills and helps them to learn how to follow directions. It also allows for some great conversation! Ask many questions while cooking with your children to encourage conversation! Be sure to ask specific Christmas theme questions while making these fun snacks!

Star Cookies

Ingredients and Items needed: Refrigerated sugar cookie dough and sprinkles; plastic knife; star cookie cutter; rolling pin

Help children to slice a piece off of the dough roll.

Help them to slightly roll the dough and then use the star cookie cutter.

They should shake some sprinkles on their star cookie.

Bake as directed on package.

Enjoy at snack time. Ask children about the Star--which Bible story did we read that had a star? Why was the star important? Who followed it?

Manger Mix

Materials Needed: Foil cupcake tins; thin pretzel sticks, broken in half; cut fruit; mini-marshmallows

The children spoon some fruit in the tin for Jesus bed. Then sprinkle pretzels for the hay; marshmallows for pillows!

Birthday Cake

Make a cake with the children for your Christmas Party. Write "Happy Birthday, Jesus" on the cake. Be sure to sing before eating!

Star in the Apple

Bring many apples to the cooking table, different colors. Talk to the children about the Wise men following the star. Perhaps ask them who went to see Jesus when he was born? How did they know where to find him? (An angel told the shepherds and the Wise men followed the star).

Cut the apples in half to reveal the star shape at the core! Tell them that it can remind us of the birth of Christ. Invite children to taste the different types of apples.

EXTENSION: In advance, prepare a chart with each type of apple across the top and the children's name on the left column. Have them place a smiley face under the apples they like and sad faces under the ones they don't like. Or, encourage those who are writing to write the word YES or NO under each type of apple next to their name.

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Christian Christmas Theme Ideas to Transform Your Dramatic Play Area

Living in Bible Times- A Christian Christmas!

Materials Needed: Assorted patterns of fabric pieces for headpieces, wraps, etc.; stones for a campfire type stove; clay pots and pans if available; play food (fruits, vegetables, breads), hay for the floor, blankets to sleep on, babies and clothes; a shelf for the market--no money!

As the children play in dramatic play, show them how to wear the fabric, cook on a "fire", "barter" at the market (a bread for some vegetables). Find pictures of Bible times and the environment to hang up. If available, cut a box into a house.

The Stable in Bethlehem

Of course, have items available to act out the Christmas story as well. Hang a large star, provide a manger (box with hay). Put dried beans in it with the hay and provide stuffed animals (sheep, etc.). Show the children how the animals ate from it and discuss that the animals live in the stable--meaning they also go to the bathroom in there! It was a pretty dirty, smelly place. And the only place where Mary and Joseph could stay when they go there. It will give them a better idea of where our Lord spent His first night.

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Christian Christmas Theme Ideas for Your Easel-- More Than Just Painting!

(Although that is always THE favorite in our classroom!)

Shape Scenes

Instead of paint, provide assorted precut shapes and glue sticks at your easel. Encourage the children to make Christian Christmas scenes! Rectangles can be used for the stable, they can rip circles for the faces of Mary, Joseph, Jesus, etc.


As always, I highly encourage just having paint, brushes and paper at the easel! If you are working on specific color recognition, have those colors out or the colors they can mix to make a color you are working on!

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Christian Christmas Theme Large Group Games To Help Your Preschoolers Build Their Muscles While They Have Fun Together!

Find That Star!

Use the knowledge your children are learning about the Wise men this Christmas season to create an obstacle course! Set up a course in a large area or in your classroom.

Crawl under the chair, find a star in the classroom. Or, have them go through an entire obstacle course (under the chair, around the table, through the tunnel, balance on the beam, etc.) and have it end at a Manger (box, filled with stars with numbers on them). They reach in, pull out a star and perform a certain movement that many times such as clap, jump, spin, etc. the number of times on the star!

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Christian Christmas Theme Ideas for Your Library & Literacy Area!

Book Suggestions for the Library

Who is Coming to Our House? by Joseph Slate
The Tiny Star: The Greatest Star the World Has Ever Seen! by Art Ginolfi
This Is the Stable by Cynthia Cotten
God Gave Us Christmas by Lisa Tawn Bergren
Who's Hiding?: A Christmas Lift-the-Flap Book by Vicki Howie
The Usborne Children's Bible by Heather Amery
The Little Drummer Boy by Ezra Jack Keats
Tell Me the Christmas Story by Joni Walker
B Is for Bethlehem: A Christmas Alphabet Board Book by Isabel Wilner

Library Wall Christian Christmas Theme Decor

Hang pictures on the wall of different terrain (desert, dirt roads, etc.) in Bible times as well as modes of travel such as donkeys and camels. Of course, many pictures of the manger, Wise men, shepherd, sheep, etc.

Hang glow in the dark stars on the wall and one LARGE star as well.

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Christian Christmas Theme Activities To Help Your Preschoolers Develop Their Math Skills AND the Small Muscles in Their Hands!

Christian Christmas Cards

This activity will help the children to work on their scissor cutting skills and fine motor skills by manipulating the craft sticks and gluing them in place.

Materials Needed: 5 craft sticks per child; assortment of Christmas card fronts with Jesus in a manger or Mary, Joseph and Jesus in the stable scenes (preferably recycled from your collection of last years Christmas cards!); sturdy paper (card stock); glue; scissors; markers; hay (optional)

  1. To make their own Christmas Card, the children will:
  2. Use markers (or crayons to decorate their 5 craft sticks
  3. Glue 5 craft sticks into the shape of a house (2 for roof, 2 for sides, one for bottom) onto the stock paper or cardboard.
  4. Choose their recycled card front and cut it to fit into their frame.
  5. Glue hay (optional) on the bottom INSIDE the frame.

Christmas Tree

Provide a bin or box of rectangle strips in graduating lengths. Also provide triangles for the top of the tree. Provide many of each length. Encourage the children to place the strips from shortest to longest on their paper with the shortest on the top to make a tree.

EXTENSION: You could also make this into a birthday cake for Jesus!

VARIATION: Provide an assortment of lengths AND colors to allow children to follow a pattern or create their own pattern.

Clay Christian Christmas Shapes

Provide assorted colors of clay. Allow children to manipulate and explore the clay.

Encourage them to make long "snake" shapes and then bend them into seasonal shapes such as:

The Wise men's Star; a tree, a manger, a stable, etc.

Christian Christmas Matching

Prepare in advance a duplicate set of cards measuring about 1 inch square. Use stickers or pictures from the internet to represent Christmas such as camels, angels, baby Jesus, stables, stars, etc.

The children try matching the pictures. Encourage them to discuss what each picture means as well!

Christian Christmas Lotto Game

Using the cards listed in the above matching game, make larger lotto or bingo cards that have spaces for 8 of the pictures. The children use this to match the cards they have. If you make enough cards, you could play a large group game of lotto or bingo with the children.

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Christian Christmas Theme Music and Movement Activities and Ideas to GEt Your Preschoolers Movin' and Groovin'!

Mary Had A Baby Boy sung to the tune of Mary Had A Little Lamb

Mary had a baby boy, baby boy, baby boy (Arms as though rocking a baby)

Mary had a baby boy, and she named Him Jesus.

Jesus gives great joy to us, joy to us, joy to us (Smile brightly!)

Jesus gives great joy to us, because He loves us so! (Hug self).
This is a traditional song for the children in both our 3 and 4 year old classrooms to sing each year.

J-E-S-U-S Sung to the tune of B-I-N-G-O

On Christmas God gave us His son

And Jesus is His name-o

J-E-S-U-S, J-E-S-U-S, J-E-S-U-S and Jesus is His name-o

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Christian Christmas Activities for Your Sand and Water Table

Trip to Bethlehem

Materials Needed: Sand, hay (real or synthetic), Bible characters (or little people) for Mary, Joseph, baby Jesus, Wise men, Shepherds, Sheep, Angel, Innkeeper, box for a manger, and a donkey for Mary and camels for the Magi.

As you revisit this story throughout the weeks, the children will be able to act out the parts of Jesus birth that they remember. When you change out the table, move these items (except for the sand!), to another table or area (perhaps the Library area) for continued use.

Exploring Hay and Sand

Materials Needed: Play sand and hay----that's it!

We talk a lot about the baby Jesus lying in a manger on a bed of hay. Give the children a chance to explore it! There are many types of hay available! Hay from a hay bale, Timothy hay (that rabbits eat!). Check out your local pet store and craft store for more options.

SAFETY NOTE: PLEASE check for allergies before doing this. Children with environmental allergies may react badly to having hay in the classroom. If this is the case with your class, purchase synthetic (plastic) versions of it at your local craft store.

EXTENSION: Add toy camels, donkeys, sheep and other animals to the table. Talk to your children about the type of land/terrain there was in Bethlehem.

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Christian Christmas Themed Science Activities For Your Preschool Scientists In Training!

Three Wise men's Gifts and the Star

Materials Needed: 1 16 ounce plastic bottle with cover per child; food coloring; 1/2 cup vegetable oil per child; 1/2 tsp. gold glitter per child; 1 gold foil star (confetti) per child; water; 3 funnels; hot glue gun

Tell the children about the Magi, or wise men, who followed a star to find Jesus. They brought gifts to Jesus. They brought frankincense, myrrh and gold. Frankincense is an oil that smells like perfume and myrrh is also an oil that was used in medicines. They were both worth a lot in Bible times, as was gold.

The children are going to make a bottle to remind them of the Magi, their three gifts and the star they followed.

Set up the glitter, oil, water, food coloring and stars in a row at the science table with the appropriate measuring tools. Have a funnel available with the glitter, the oil and the water.

Help each child funnel the glitter in their bottle. This represents the gift of gold.

Help each child funnel 1/2 cup of oil into their bottle. This represents the frankincense.

Help each child funnel in water so that it is almost to the rim of the bottle.

Help each child choose a color of food coloring and squeeze a few drops in.

Help each child choose one confetti star to place in the bottle to remind them of the star that the Magi followed to find Jesus.

Have an adult hot glue the cap on.

Show children how to gently shake the bottles to mix it and watch the items swirl and separate.

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Writing Activity Ideas for Your Preschool Classroom's Christian Christmas Theme!

JESUS- Name Above All Names

Children learn words through sight--make Jesus' name one of their sight words!

Have papers in the writing table with Jesus' name printed on them. Provide different items to use for the children to cover the letters:

Bingo dobber/stampers

Laminate some papers and provide low-odor dry erase markers to write His name and then erase and write again!

Provide Gold stars to glue onto the letters.

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Miscellaneous Activities for Your Christian Christmas Preschool Theme

Christian Christmas Theme Field Trips

Neighborhood Walk

Take a walk through your neighborhood with the children to look at Christmas decorations, especially any creches you see.

Local Church Contact a local church and ask to arrange a time to come to their church to view the Advent decorations. If they have a music director who can play a song (such as Silent Night) while

they are there, that would be great! Also, ask if the Pastor or Priest will be available to say hello to the children and say a prayer with them.

Christian Christmas Theme Classroom Visitors

There are many opportunities with a Christian Christmas theme for visitors to your classroom! Survey parents for opportunities as well as your local community!

Some ideas for visitors:

Local Pastor or Priest to talk about baby Jesus.

Local musician or a family member who can play an instrument to come in and play some Christmas songs with the children.

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