Pine Cone Christmas Art Project for Preschool

Materials Needed

One pine cone for each child. (We chose ones that were cinnamon scented from a craft store.); Plaster of paris mixture; Multiple colors of glitter glue, mini pom-poms and stars for the top! We chose star stickers, however, foil stars or paper stars work well also! Bowls or cups that will fit the bases of their trees!

Mix plaster of paris mixture as directed. It should look have the consistency of pancake batter.

Pour enough of the mixture into the cup or bowl to allow you to push about 1/4 inch of the pine cone into the mixture.

Let dry for approximately 30 minutes in the cup or bowl. This mixture hardens quickly!

Remove the from the cup/bowl and place on a drying rack to allow entire base to air dry.

Once dry (usually 24 hours later), decorate with glitter glue and pom-poms. Children use the glitter glue to make colorful dots on all the tips of their trees. The children then place pom-poms on some of the glue dots as ornaments. They do not need to cover all of them!

Glue a star on the top and Voila! A great Christmas Gift to remember for years!

Write the child's name, the date or year, how old the child is, the name of your preschool program, etc. on the bottom in permanant marker.

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