The Baptist Tree

by Rachel G.

I am 14 years old, and from Alabama. I love to teach kids. I teach a Kids Own Worship class that goes on during the second service(out of three services). There are usually about 23 kids in the class. My mom helps me, but I plan the lessons and teach. (I absolutely LOVE it!) My dad is the pastor of the church, and told me this story:

One of the little girls in my class wanted to ask Jesus into her heart. She met with the children's minister talked it over and decided for sure that she truly wanted to follow Jesus.

After they talked the children's minister took her to the baptistry to show her where she would be baptized. When they got there the girl asked, "Where's the tree?"

My children's minister replied, "What tree?" The little girl said, "The baptist-tree."

My children's minister showed her the sign that said, "baptistry" and tried to explain that there was no tree.

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