The Toyshop

by Gail Lotz
(Langebaan, West Coast, South Africa)


(Please note the preschool children sing and do movement to the songs and act out the story)
(Curtain closed)

SONG: Toyshop

(Clock chimes -6’o clock)

It’s 6’o clock. Finally time to go home said Mr/Mrs Joy, the toy shop’s owner. It had been an exhausting day at the shop and he/she was only to pleased to turn off the light, lock the door and last but not least put the sign up! TOY SHOP CLOSED.
SONG: I’m late, I’m late (From Alice in Wonderland)
But did you know, oh I guess you did – this is exactly what the toys inside the shop were waiting for. Let’s take a peek!

(Curtain opens)

As soon as he was gone, the first toy tom move was Panda, he/she jumped off the shelf looking very excited.
SONG: Hello, how do you do. (Song 2 on Toyshop CD)
Wake up everybody she called.
Up popped the Jack-in-the-Box. It seemed they were always the first of the toys to come to life, maybe because they hated been cooped up in their dark boxes all day.

SONG: The Jack-in-the-Box Jumps Up

(Curtain closes)
(Panda in front of curtain)
The Jack-in-the-Box jumps up like this
And makes me laugh as he wiggles his head
I gently push him down again
Saying Jack-in-the-Box you must go to bed!
(Curtains open)
Once the Teddy Bears saw that their Buddy, Panda, was up and about they rushed forward as not to miss out on any of the excitement.

SONG: Teddy Says
(Song 20 on Teddy Bears Picnic CD)

Teddies, it’s my birthday today chuckled Panda. But alas, the Teddies had rushed off as they had noticed their friend the polar bear sliding down the slide in the corner of the shop. Panda wondered if anyone would remember that he was a whole year older!
Suddenly Panda’s attention was drawn to another familiar sound – Attention, left, right, left, right! Ooh, it’s the toy soldiers, they had marched from the toy fort at the back of the shop and were busy with evening patrol.

(Music: Taken from The Nutcracker (Boys marching music)

Panda waited patiently as they checked the territory. All was well, so Panda made himself known – Hello soldiers, do you know what day it is today? It’s Monday answered one of the soldier dolls –Come on guys Left, Right, Left, Right.
This was not the answer Panda had been hoping for –had the toyshop folk forgotten something really important? It was his Birthday! A very special day for a toy Panda.

The soldiers had no sooner marched on when who should Panda notice but the beautiful Barbie dolls poking their pretty little faces out of the ever so grand Barbie dolls house. Panda called the Barbie’s closer –today’s a very special day you know he told them. Oh we know said the Barbie’s, with a giggle, Ken should be round any minute!

SONG: I’m a Barbie Girl

Panda shook his head. The Barbie’s don’t seem very perturbed about the fact that it was HIS very special day. All they had on their mind was their special date with Ken!

Panda could just not believe what was happening –forgetting a toys birthday was just unheard of. Why he had remembered the kite’s birthday just a few days ago. Oh wait here come the kites now, surely they would remember his birthday. Panda decided to sit quietly in the corner and see if they would come and wish him.

SONG: Let’s Go Fly A Kite

I’m a kite, I’m a kite

Alas, the kites left in a hurry –obviously pre-occupied. Why they didn’t even take the time to greet poor Panda. However, Panda decided to make the best of what was left of his birthday, why a ride in the toy aeroplanes would be fun, so off he went to ask them if they would take him for a spin. However, when he got to their shelf they were just getting ready for take-off. They had errands to run and would not be back till much later.

SONG: Aeroplanes, Aeroplanes

Panda sat on the shelf, this was disastrous, time was ticking by and he was not having a good time – it seemed that all the other toys were busy today and he would have to keep himself entertained – if only he had a brother or sister here in the toyshop that he could play with. Just look at the teletubbies they were having fun, they were never lonely because they always had one another to play with.

SONG: Teletubbies

Panda asked the teletubbies if he could spend the rest of the night with them, but they just giggled and brushed him off with the feeble excuse that they had to go and clean their shelf and find their big orange ball.

Poor Panda, crept into the toy box and burst into tears. No one had remembered his birthday.
The clown dolls thought this a great joke – they teased Panda because his eyes were filled with tears.

SONG: Clown Dolls
(Song 6 on Hello and Goodbye CD)

They had just disappeared out of sight when who should come riding up but the rodeo boys on their bucking broncos.

SONG: Horsey, Horsey

They didn’t seem to be in such a hurry to leave –oh, now I see why. They had been waiting for the rag dolls to join them.

SONG: Raggidy Doll

As the cowboys and rag dolls moved across to the back of the toyshop one of the rag dolls heard a little whimper coming from within the toy box. She let the others go on ahead and then bent down to investigate – And yes, you can guess what she found. Poor little Panda feeling very sorry for himself. It’s okay to cry she said putting her arm around Panda. Everyone cries now and then. If you are sad and you know it, cry a tear.

SONG: If you sad and you know it

Panda, do you hear something? Panda stopped sobbing and listened carefully. It was giggling, yes lots of giggling from behind a nearby curtain. The curtain was pulled aside –
SURPRISE! Yelled all the toy shop folk in harmony. The toys had not forgotten Panda’s birthday after all. They had all been getting ready for Panda’s very own speial surprise party.

Welcome to Panda’s party, welcome to the fun, the toy shop is full of toy folk – there is room for everyone. The gang’s all here, oh what a din, we are having a party, so come on in!

Happy Birthday dear Panda, Happy Birthday to YOU!

SONG: Happy Birthday

3-4yrs: Clap with Me
(Song 10 on 100 Sing and Song for Kids)

4-5yrs: Hokey Pokey

5-6yrs: Macarana

This has been the best birthday party ever thought Panda as the clock struck 12mn.

SONG: Everybody wave and sing goodbye (All)

Tinkerbell appeared, sprinkling her fairy dust onto each and every toy. The party was over, a new day was downing and yes believe me a lot of toy folk were yawning!

(Curtain Closes)

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