Tree Frog Fun

by Chris G
(Topeka, KS)

We were on the playground and some of the children had found a very small, bright green tree frog. One of our friends got their hands dampened in the grass so that they could catch the frog and move it outside the fence. While they were getting their hands damp the frog hopped into the rock area, under the merry go round and climbed up onto one of the poles.

My friend finally spotted it again and began reaching for it. Another friend was standing just behind watching as this gentle extraction was happening. The tree frog then hopped into the first friends hair causing startled shrieking. At which point the frog hopped onto the forehead of the second friend (and stuck) .... startling them so much that they began flailing their arms around, shrieking and crying. The tree frog made a quick escape with a hop onto the shirt and then back to the ground.

The first friend began to try to capture the frog again and the second friend came towards me crying because they had been so startled by the whole situation.

I on the other hand amidst my professional demeanor almost fell off my chair laughing and wishing someone else had been there to see it with me. I am giggling again as I write this down, picturing both children, their facial expressions... and that poor tree frog!

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Apr 30, 2016
Tree Frog fun
by: Esther

Very nice to read this story. By reading the story it lead me to the scene.
Thank you.

Aug 28, 2015
by: Anonymous

very very gOOD

Aug 25, 2015

by: Cheryl

HYsterical! What a great visual!! Thanks for sharing!

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