Bubbles Theme for Preschool

Bubbles are everywhere!  In our toys, games, food, bathtime and more!  

Ask your children what they know about bubbles!  You may be surprised!

This Bubbles Theme page includes preschool lesson plans, activities and Interest Learning Center ideas for your Preschool Classroom!

Let the Bubbles Theme planning begin!

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Bubbles Theme Art

Roller Wrapped Bubbles Theme Prints

Materials Needed: Playdough or other rolling pins, bubble wrap, paint in shallow trays, paper

Tape bubble wrap around the rollers.  The children roll them in trays of paint and then roll on paper for some cool looking prints!

Paint Them!

Seeing as you have bubble wrap, cut some into pieces the size of white construction paper.

The children paint on the wrap.  Then place the paper over the wrap and press!

Blow Painting

In shallow bowls, mix bubble solution with a little bit of water and several drops of food coloring.  Prepare many different colors.

Take plastic straws and cut a notch below the halfway mark with scissors.  This will prevent the children from "drinking" the solution if they suck in instead of blow.  Just be sure they don't cover the holes while blowing.

Each child has a piece of paper.  They choose a colored solution and place it on their paper, insert their straw and blow!  They keep blowing until the bubbles overflow the bowl onto their paper.  They will pop into beautiful colors.  They repeat with as many colors as they want!

Lego Prints

Check out the "bumps" on your Legos and Duplos...they have their own circular, bubble shapes!

Press those into paint and press onto paper.  The children will make some cool buildings and simply some great abstract art with these!

Bingo Daubber Bubbles

These are GREAT for just about every theme, but especially this theme! Let the children make their own creations with these on paper--it's art, counting and small and large muscle development!

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Bubbles Theme Block Center Idea

Wrap some of your unit or other blocks in bubble wrap for interesting building and popping!  

Add legos and duplos to the block area to observe the circle bubble shapes!

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Bubbles Theme Circle Time Ideas

Circle Time is such a great time for children to learn the social skills of being together as a large group AND to learn more about your theme!

Puppet Show--What Is a Bubble?

Use any puppet you like.  The puppet is going to need the help of the children to understand the theme.

"Hi boys and girls!  My name is ___________.  Thank you Miss Cheryl for letting me come to school today, I am sooo excited!

I have a question that I hoped your students could help me with.

YOU--Sure, we will try to help, right boys and girls?

PUPPET--  Well, I keep hearing the word "bubble", but I don't know what it means.  So, what is a bubble?

(Let the kids each take turns explaining what a bubble is.  If you have another adult in the room, it would be great if they could write down their descriptions on a large chart paper!).

Have the puppet ask questions such as......where do you find bubbles? What are bubbles used for?

Some of the ideas that may come out or you could have the puppet ask about are:

Blowing bubbles from bubble gum.

Bubbles in drinks.

Bubbles from your spit!

Blowing bubbles.

Bubbles from soap.

Bubbles can be used for cleaning, drinking, playing or bathing.

Have fun with this!!

Colors, Colors!

Blow bubbles at circle time.  Let the children pop them.  Once they have that out of their system!  Blow some more and ask them not to pop the bubble but to look at it very, very carefully and tell you what colors they see in the bubbles!

How Do They Pop?

Blow bubbles at circle time.  Ask the children what will happen if you touch one?  Then do so.  Ask why they think the bubbles popped when touched.

Then, ask them what bubbles feel like, list their responses on a chart!

Next, tell the children you are going to dip your finger in water and then touch the bubble.  Ask what they think will happen.

When you touch the bubble, it should not pop.  Ask them why they think it didn't pop?

Bubbles Theme What's Missing?

A few days into this theme, collect some items the children have used with bubbles so far such as bubble wands, egg beater, water bottle, bubble wrap, etc.

Have the children name each item.  Then cover the items with a towel and remove one item so they don't see what you removed.  Uncover the items and have them guess what is missing!

Songs and Fingerplays

I'm a Little Bubble   (sung to I'm a Little Teapot)

I'm a little bubble, shiny and round.

I gently float down to the ground.

The wind lifts me up and then I drop.

Down to the ground where I pop!

Here Is A Bubble (Fingerplay)

Here is a bubble (make a circle using your thumb and index finger).

And here's a bubble (make larger circle using both thumbs and index fingers).

And here is  great big bubble I see.  (make a large circle using your arms).

Let's count the bubbles we've made.

One, two, three (repeat the previous actions as you count).

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Snack Recipe Ideas to Cook Up for Your Bubbles Theme!

Cooking with children helps develop their math skills and helps them to learn how to follow directions. It also allows for some great conversation! Ask many questions while cooking with your children to encourage conversation! Be sure to ask specific themed questions while making these fun snacks!

Bubbly Drinks

Have the children help you to mix apple juice with soda water into their own cups and observe then drink some bubbles!

VARIATION:  Provide sparkling cider for them to observe and drink--though I have found most children do not like the strong taste of cider.

Bubbles in My Food

Provide many foods that have circle shapes or bubbles in them to observe and eat!  Suggestions:

Swiss Cheese, bread, carbonated drinks, blueberries

Root Beer Floats

Have children help fill their cup halfway with root beer soda.

Have them help to scoop one scoop of vanilla frozen yogurt into their soda.

Watch and taste the fizz!

Please check with families on this first...some children are not allowed to have soda.

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Bubbles Theme Idea to Transform Your Dramatic Play Area!

Wash, Bubble and Roll!

Add boxes that you have created into washing machines and dryers (the smaller boxes that printer paper are shipped in work well--you don't have to use large appliance boxes!).

Add a dishpan with 2 inches of water and dish detergent for dish washing.  Don't worry about your carpets...it's just soap and water! But, you could add a small tarp under it for ease of mind!

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Bubbles Theme Idea for Your Easel--

More Than Just Painting (Although that is always THE favorite in our classroom!)

Blowing Bubbles!

Place bubble solution into your paint cups and add either paint or food coloring to each cup.  Provide bubble wands and blow onto the paper!

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Bubbles Theme Large Group Games

that help build their muscles while they have fun together

Popping Time!

The teacher blows bubbles and the children chase and pop them.  Once they have done this a few times, challenge them to:

Pop only using your thumb; your pointer finger; your elbow; your bottoms!

Hammer Time!

Tape bubble wrap on a carpeted area or outside.  Provide children with plastic or wood hammers (such as those used with play dough) for them to pop the bubbles!


Gather small plastic balls (like the ones used in ball pits) or other small balls.  Tell the children that shaking the parachute is like blowing into a bubble wand.  

"Blow" (move) the parachute slowly up and down for slow moving bubbles, then fast!  See how far the bubbles "float" up!

Large Wands

In advance, bend wire hangers into shapes (this would be a great activity for parents to do for you in advance!!). Take them outside with a bin or water table that has about 2 inches of bubble solution in!

Hula Hoop Massive Bubbles!

Fill a wading pool with about 2 inches of bubble solution.  Place a hula-hoop in the pool.  

2 or 3 children lift the hula hoop up to create a huge bubble!

EXTENSION:  I have seen, at many children's museums, a contraption built where the child stand on a block of carpeted wood and there is a rope over their head.  

The rope is attached to a pulley that is holding strings on three sides that have been drilled and tied into the hula hoop.

The child pulls the rope and it lifts the hula hoop around them, encapsulating them in a huge bubble! 

I'm sure you could find plans online and perhaps have a talented person to make this!!!

Car Wash

Bring your riding toys outside and provide soapy water and sponges!

VARIATION:  Do the same inside to clean all your small, toy cars!

Bubble Snakes!

Okay, so this is the coolest thing I've seen for this theme!  There is a picture of it on my Pinterest Page under "Bubble Theme" (just click the Pinterest Link at the bottom of the page).

Materials needed:  socks (ask parents to donate those unmatched socks they have at home), 16 ounce plastic water bottles, duct tape or rubber bands, liquid dish detergent, food coloring (lots of this!), bowl or bin.

Mix dish soap into  shallow bowl or bin with some water.  Mix gently.

Cut off the bottoms of the water bottles.  

Side a sock over the bottom half of the bottle (the side you just cut off) and secure with duct tape or rubber bands.

Dip this side into the solution.  

Drop a few drops of different colors of food coloring.

The children blow into the water bottle opening (the part you would drink from).

So, so, cool and colorful!


There is a GREAT song called Baby Snakes That is available on a Movement CD that I love!  You can CLICK HERE or the picture below to check it out on Amazon!

All the tracks on this are great, but Baby Snakes is my favortie! Movement Fun: Dance & Development for Children

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Bubbles Theme Ideas for Your Library

Book Suggestions for the Library

The following books may be available at your local library or you can click on the blue title links below to see what is available at Amazon.

Bubble Bubble by Mercer Mayer
The Bubble Factory by Tomie dePaola
Clifford Counts Bubbles by Norman Bridwell
Gilberto and the Wind (Picture Puffin Books) by Marie Hall Ets
King Bidgood's in the Bathtub by Audrey Wood
The Magic Bubble Trip by Ingrid Schubert
Pop! A Book About Bubbles (Let's-Read-and-Find-Out Science, Stage 1) (A Let's Read/Stage 1 Book) Great non-fiction book!

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Bubbles Theme Activities to Help Your Preschoolers Develop Math Skills

and to help develop those small muscles in their hands!

Keep Up!

One child blows bubbles while the other child tries to count them!

Wand Sorting

Provide many different sizes and colors of bubble wands for the children to sort by different attributes.  Be sure to have many duplicates of many of them.

VARIATIONS:  Draw wands on a file folder for the children to match the correct colors and sizes.

Number some cans/cups and have the children count the correct number of wands into each cup.

Bubble Sorting

In advance, cut out many colors of circles.  Cut them in small, medium and large sizes.  Encourage the children to put them in order of size.

Make and Mold!

Make Soap Dough with the children to use in your math and manipulatives center!

Materials needed:  2 cups flour, 1/2 cup salt, 1 tablespoon liquid soap (hand soap would work well), food coloring, water.

Have the children help you measure and mix all the ingredients EXCEPT THE WATER!

Then, add water a little at a time until you have a good doughy, but not sticky, dough.

Use this dough to count using number cards or in other ways!

Fish Math

In advance, make a few sets of fish.  On each fish, print a number on the fish (I've used the numbers 1-10 and then changed it to 11-20 later in the year for prek).

Provide glass jewels...they are 1 inch round glass that are flat on one side.  You can use clear or colored.

These are the fish "air bubbles".  

The children place the correct number of air bubbles above each fish to correspond with the number on the fish.

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Bubbles Theme Music and Movement Activities and Ideas

to get your Preschoolers Movin' and Groovin'!

Float Like a Bubble

Play music.  Have a CD that has a variation of fast, medium and slow tempos. 

Encourage the children to pretend they are bubbles floating to the beat! Change it up by asking them to pretend they are teeny, tiny bubbles, now big huge ones!

EXTENSION:  When they are floating, tell the to listen for you clapping your hands.  When you do, they are "popped" and need to drop to the floor until the next song comes on!

Bubble Gum Boogie

Play and dance to this song by Buffalo and Brandy (found at Amazon or on YouTube).

Bubble Sharing

In advance, create 5 HUGE circle shapes (Enough for 4 children to stand on at the same time).

In advance, create smaller circles about 3 inch in diameter.  Make 4 for each color of large circles you made in the previous step.

Give each child a small circle.  Play music.  They dance to the beat.

When the music stops, they go to the circle that matches the color they are holding, sharing the circle with the other children who have the same color.

Collect the small circles and give them a new color.

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Bubbles Theme Activities for the Senses!

Air Bubbles!

Add utensils and items to your water table this week for the children to discover air bubbles!  

Provide:  water wheels, egg beaters, sand sifters, flour sifters, turkey basters, berry baskets and other things you can think of!

Bath Time!

Add bubble bath to your water table and give some of your babies a bath!  Be sure to provide towels!

VARIATION:  Add dish detergent and some of your kitchen dishes and cups for washing!

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Bubbles Theme Science Activities

for your Preschool Scientists in Training!

Home Made Solution

Materials needed:  liquid dish detergent, water, food coloring, sugar, bowls, spoons, funnels and, of course, bubble wands

Have the children help you to make different colors of solution.

In each bowl the children help measure:

1/4 cup detergent

1/2 cup water

food coloring (a few drops)

1 teaspoon sugar

Gently stir.

Use a funnel to pour the solution back into the bubble containers.

Label the bottles with the colors.

Have fun!

Home Made Bubble Wands

Make bubble wands using everyday items!

Punch holes in the bottoms of paper cups with a pen.  (Dip in solution. Place opening of cup over mouth and blow.)

Cut 3/4 to 1 inch slits on one end of a bunch of straws.  Fold slits up. The children place the slit side in the solution and then blow.

Tape a bunch of straws together (or use rubber bands to secure).  4-6 straws work best.  Dip one end in solution, blow from other end.

Provide different colored pipe cleaners.  Show children how to make shapes at one end by bending them.  Make circles, squares, etc.  Hold from untwisted end to dip into solution.  Blow into the shapes they made.

Bubbles Theme Magic

In a clear jar or glass, pour in some 7-Up soda or soda water.  Let the children drop in a few raisins.

Watch and be prepared for lots of giggling!  Bubbles form on the raisins and lift them to the top of the glass and then the weight of the raisin pops the bubbles, dropping the raisin to the bottom, only to have the bubbles form again!

Discovery Bubbles Theme Bottles

Materials needed:  water bottles with their caps and with the labels removed (16 ounce plastic bottles work best); water, baby oil, food coloring, funnels

Have the children help pour the ingredients in for the following:

Pour water into a bottle about half full.  They then fill to about 1 inch below the top with baby oil.  Cover.

Pour water into a bottle about half full.  Add a few drops of food coloring.  Fill to about 1 inch below the top with baby oil.  Cover.

Observe what happens when they slowly move bottle from side to side (It is like a wave bottle that creates some bubbles).  They both look cool!

Observe what happens when they shake the bottles!  It creates a lot of bubbles and mixes the ingredients.  The ingredients then begin to separate to make 2 layers again!

Bubbles Theme Mini Volcanoes Ideas

Materials needed:  paper cups (cut to be shallow), baking soda, vinegar, food coloring, pipettes, spoons

Have the children measure one spoonful of baking soda into the shallow cup bottom.  

Pour vinegar into a bowl with a few drops of food coloring mixed in.

The children use the pipettes to drop vinegar into their cups!

Place the cups on a shallow tray so overflowing is easily cleaned up!

VARIATION:  Sprinkle baking soda evenly on a large cookie sheet.

Place vinegar and food coloring mix into small spray bottles.

The children spray onto the baking soda!

I recommend using safety goggles for this...vinegar in the eyes is NOT fun.

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Writing Activity Ideas for Your Bubbles Theme!

Name Bubbles

Print each child's name on large paper.  Provide them with bingo daubbers to place dots on the letters of their names.  This will allow them to see their name in print, follow the lines of the letters and help them practice their eye-hand coordination!

VARIATION:  Provide play dough for them to roll into "snakes" and place on the letters of their names.

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Miscellaneous Activities for Your Bubbles Theme!

Bubbles Theme Field Trips

  • Check out some local Children's Museums or Children's Science Museums...bubbles are usually a part of it!
  • Visit a Dog Groomer or a Laundromat!

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