Plan a Theme 2P in I.P.O.P.

I.P.O.P.  is an acronym I use to describe the brainstorming process of theme writing, while keeping the purpose of themes in mind.

I=Interesting, fun and exciting theme choice.

P=Printing any and all ideas that come to mind about that theme name.

O=Organize ideas into interest centers

P=Plan daily and weekly lessons

I.P.O.P. Steps  

On this page, we are working on Plan A Theme 2P (or the 2nd P) from I.P.O.P. which is:

P=Plan daily and weekly lessons

For this step, you will need:

Your co-worker(s).

Your planning books/forms that you use for your program planning

Something to write with.

Your favorite beverage and a snack (I'm ALWAYS about the snackage and coffee!).

This final step to plan a theme is my favorite!  Turning all of those ideas into lessons for a week or two.

Most teachers have their own favorite planning book or form.  I use the Daily Plan Book for Preschool by Teacher's Friend Publication.  I will be developing my own planning forms, but for now, this has the main features I'm looking for.  You can find them inexpensively at Amazon:

The first thing to do is take your list of circled and squared activities from the last step and place them in the appropriate learning areas for your classroom.

Remember, you may have had one activity that could be used in two areas, such as felt blocks being using on your flannel board and also at your math center!

Take each activity from your highlighted list and assign it to an interest center.  Do this for every activity you came up with in the planning stage. If an activity can be used in many ways or in many areas, list it in all of those areas.

You may also find during this transfer that you and your co-worker(s) come up with even more activities.  GREAT!  Add them to your planning book or form!

Here is how my activity list transferred to my planning book:

From this page, you then take the activities and assign them to your weekly schedule.  

Below is how I used the activities for one week in my planner.  

And there you have it!  A theme complete!  Of course, there are enough activities left over from my planning to make this into a 2 week theme!

This is how I write up new themes every time!  It will take you less and less time the more you go through the process.  But, honestly, the process is important. 

If you don’t let yourself become creative, you will sit in front of a planning form and plan the same activities which will feel stale after a few years!

Let yourself get excited about planning preschool lesson plans each and every time you plan!

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