Plan a Theme O in I.P.O.P.

Plan A Theme- O in I.P.O.P. 

I.P.O.P.  is an acronym I use to describe the brainstorming process of theme writing, while keeping the purpose of themes in mind.

I=Interesting, fun and exciting theme choice.

P=Printing any and all ideas that come to mind about that theme name.

O=Organize ideas into interest centers

P=Plan daily and weekly lessons

I.P.O.P. Steps  

In the last step (The "I" in I.P.O.P.), you listed all the themes you could think of based on what your children are interesting in or talking about. And then, you were to choose ONE topic.

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On this page, we are working on Plan A Theme O from I.P.O.P. which is:

O=Organize ideas into interest centers

For this step, you will need:

Your co-worker(s).

Your large piece of chart paper with your ideas on it from the last step.

A very large variety of highlighters (one for each interest center)

Your favorite beverage and a snack (Yup!  I'm still all about the snackage and coffee!).

There are two parts of this Plan a Theme O Step:  

1. Choosing Colors and a Color Key

2. Organizing your ideas into Interest Learning Centers.

Let's get started!

Part 1: Choose Your Colors!

You will need many different colors of highlighters or markers.  I chose 7 colors.

Part 2: Set up a Color Key

List the names of all of your Interest Learning Centers.  On the website, the Interest Centers are set up in alphabetical order for each theme, so I chose to list my Interest Centers in that order.

Then, assign a color for each Interest Center.

I have 14 Interest Learning Centers or areas, so I chose to use 7 colors.

My key, as you can see by the picture above, includes colored circles and colored rectangles.

Step 2:  Plan A Theme- O

Organize Your Ideas into Interest Learning Centers

Now that you have a key set up, let's get to work.

Go through each one of your ideas and activities that you have listed on your list, and circle it (or rectangle it!) in the assigned color.

For example, in my key, all ART activities and ideas will be circled in red.  

All LIBRARY activities and ideas will be rectangled in red.

Let's Go!

Here is my list all circled and "rectangled/squared"!

Multi-Purpose Activities and Ideas!

When doing this part, you may come across an idea, activity or item that could be used in more than one interest center!  No problem!  I had several of those as well!

If an item or idea can be multi-purposed, then multi-color them!

Look at my Idea Chart above.  If you look on the left hand side, you will see "Colored felt squares".

I have put a red rectangle an orange rectangle AND a red circle around that one idea!

A red rectangle is for the Library Area; an orange rectangle is for the Math and Manipulatives area and a red circle is for the Art area.

As I was marking this list I thought the red felt squares would be used in these ways:

As felt pieces for color matching and patterns on the flannel board in the library (red rectangle).

As felt squares that I might program with numbers for the children to put in order in the math/manipulatives area (orange rectangle) and

As an Art Activity where the children can choose one felt square and decorate with miscellaneous arts and craft supplies and put them together for a quilt.

So, I color coded it for all three areas!

I did the same with the word GRAPHING on the lower, right hand column.

I could have a graphing activity at the math table (orange rectangle) and we could do some graphing at Circle Time (green circle) using colored squares!

So now, complete your list by color coding it!

The next step will be planning lessons based on these ideas!

That article will be out within the next week!

Happy coloring! 

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