Preschool Science Themes

Preschool science themes fall under the science areas of Life, Physical, Earth/Environmental, Health and Technology Science.

Although preschool themes are typically just the vehicle to drawing children into learning based on their interests, there are many themes that will also dig deeper into a topic!

Preschool Science Themes

For example, your preschoolers may be fascinated with Dinosaurs or with Bugs.

You therefore decide to plan a theme/topic around that.

Your goal is not to turn your preschoolers into Paleontologists or Etymologists!

Your goal is to take their interests, provide developmentally appropriate activities to help further their preschool growth and development skills - all while talking about something that fascinates them!

Within each theme or topic, you will provide activities for all areas: art, math, science, etc.

That's the number one way to utilize preschool themes to increase growth and development.

You can also focus on a specific science area as a theme!

Let's talk about the different areas of science and the types of preschool themes that would promote learning in those areas.

Preschool Life Science

This area looks at life cycles. It is a great focus for preschool because it requires observation, exploration and classification—three of the  science process skills children develop. 

Life science, therefore, lends itself perfectly to hands-on activities in the classroom.

Below are some preschool science themes related to Life Science.

Preschool Physical Science

This area is the study of the properties of objects and materials, the position and motion of objects, and light, heat, electricity and magnetism.

These full concepts are above the ability of understanding by preschool children.  However, they can learn the basic, fundamental concepts and skills by providing an environment where they can explore Physical Science materials.

For example, preschoolers can explore:

  • Forces by using magnets; motions by building planes (ramps with blocks)
  • Energy by putting a flashlight together.
  • Machines by exploring toys with levers, pulleys, wheels, keyboards, calculators, take aparts (such as old telephones or radios).

Some preschool theme ideas for Physical Preschool Science Themes are Motion, Light, Heat, Simple Machines.

Preschool Earth & Environmental Science

This area focuses on the properties of earth materials, objects in the sky and changes in the earth and sky.

Preschoolers can explore Earth science through some of the following preschool science themes I have here on the website (click any of the links to go check them out!):

And here is a video of an Ice experiment your preschoolers would love!

Preschool Health Science

This area is the study of health and the human body.  Tradition preschool themes can promote this learning and understanding.  

Preschool children are still relatively egocentric and therefore love to learn about themselves!

They are naturally curious about their bodies and body functions (how many times have you had to remind your students that “those words” are bathroom words!).  

Here are some preschool science themes that support learning about Health Science here on the website (click any image to go check it out!):

Health - Preschool Science Articles

I also have several articles on the area of health you may find helpful as well. Here they are:

Preschool Technology Science

With technology growing by leaps and bounds, many preschoolers are exposed to technology and computer science daily!  

This goes beyond television and computer games.  Many preschoolers have access to iPods, iPads and mobile phones and know how to download apps quicker than we do!

Here's a microwave activity our preschoolers LOVED!

Want to learn  more about Preschool Science---science workshop

Preschool Science Themes Summary

Children are naturally curious about the world around them.  From birth they are investigating.  They begin using their senses and then their language.

Science in the preschool classroom provides the opportunities for children to grow and develop the basic science process skills through their natural curiosity.

Add science activities and themes wherever you can!

Want To Learn More?

I have a 4-hour, self study workshop called Science in the Preschool Classroom where you can dive deeper into this topic and, possibly, earn some in-service training hours (if self-study qualifies in your state!).

You can learn more about it here

In this workshop you will:

  • Define science.
  • Learn how to set up a Science Interest Center in a preschool classroom.
  • Learn to plan informal and formal science learning activities.
  • Learn the basic process skills that children discover through science activities.
  • Become familiar with the general science areas.
  • Learn ways to implement science throughout your classroom.
  • Begin writing a science based theme for your classroom.

More Preschool Science Themes and Ideas!

You'll find more articles and information to help your preschoolers dig into science! Click any of the images below to check out the themes!

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