Develop Your Own Student Volunteer Evaluations 

Student Volunteer Evaluations are completed at the end of each placement in your program. 

A student volunteer evaluation is much like an annual review, except that it happens at the end of a week, month or semester, depending on how long the intern's placement is for.

When your volunteer student's placement is complete, you will need to fill out an evaluation form regarding your student's performance.  Most high school programs will provide you with their own form.  If so, use that one and be sure to keep a copy for your file.

This internship placement is similar to a college level student teaching experience.  Many students who go on to study Early Childhood Education in college are required to submit these evaluations along with their transcripts from High School.

I mention this so that you don't rush through this evaluation and that you do give it its proper time to complete. 

This is where having daily observation forms including your own comments will help you to give a fair evaluation based on documented conversations and anecdotes.

Take your time reviewing the daily observation forms that were completed throughout the placement.  Are there areas that you have seen growth in during the placement?  Mention those in the comments section.

Student Volunteer Evaluations: Communication is Key

Communication throughout the placement with the supervising instructor at the high school; communication with the intern and communication with you and the teachers.

Communication throughout the placement allows you to voice concerns, applaud growth and make the experience a wonderful one for all involved!

Enjoy having a potential, future teacher in your classroom and be the best mentor you can be!

As I mentioned earlier, most high school and college programs will have their own required evaluation form.  Be sure to fill it out completely and keep a copy for your records.  In addition, you can develop your own evaluation form that covers the areas the high school or college forms do not.  Do not create your own just to have your own! Create one only if it will help you to properly review a volunteer in ways that the provided form does not.

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Student Volunteer Evaluations:  What to Include

Include in this evaluation form the same items you might include for a staff member.

Discuss their initiative and ability to stay on focus; their care of the workspace (cleaning up after self and when needed); how they interact with staff, children and families (if applicable); dependability, punctuality; appearance; preparedness when arriving at the preschool.

These are all areas that will help them have a better idea of what is expected from a workplace.

And, it is a great opportunity to meet with them at the end of their placement.

I would recommend going over their evaluation with them, much like a staff review.

Keep a copy of the evaluation of file and mail the original to their school program's supervisor.

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