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Hi there!  I am Cheryl Hatch, aka Miss Cheryl, owner and creator of Preschool Plan It!  WELCOME!

As an early childhood educator/director for the past 20 years, I know you spend a huge amount of time developing your preschool themes, activities and preschool lesson plans.

I also know that the amount of time spent planning is second only to the time spent in the classroom interacting with your preschoolers! 

You are committed to planning preschool curriculum that is engaging, hands-on, interactive and fun.  

You do this while ensuring that the activities you choose meet your goals of supporting each child’s level of growth and development. 

Preschool Plan-It is committed to providing you, the preschool teacher, with everything you need to develop preschool lesson plans and preschool activities for your classroom all in one place.  

Here at Preschool Plan It, you will "Search (for) It, Find It and then Plan It"!

The first thing you should do is become a
Preschool Plan It Teacher Club Member!  
It's free!  
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It's amazingly beneficial to YOU!

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As a free club member you will receive:

  • A full week's theme!  There are enough activities in each theme to plan a full week of activities for your preschool classroom to cover all Interest Learning Centers!
  • Themed File-Folder Game  Each month you will receive a printable with all of the pieces to create a file folder game to help your children develop their eye-hand coordination, classifying/sorting skills, recognition skills and more!
  • Themed & patterned calendar pieces (numbers 1-31).  Each month you'll receive calendar pieces for your Calendar Time.  Eat set will have a pattern applied to it (AB, ABC, ABB, etc.)
  • Themed Calendar Month Card (blank for you to fill in)
  • Playdough Recipe Card with ingredients and instructions.  I have over 50 recipes in my file.  Each month I will share a recipe with you.  It will have the ingredients and instructions listed.
  •  Playdough Activity Mat.  Activity mats are great to improve many skills such as fine-motor development, eye-hand coordination, rote AND rational counting skills and more!
  • Song Poster with words and pictures (8 X 10).  Each month I'll include a poster of a favorite preschool song.
  • Song Card  with name of song and picture(4 X 6).  In addition to the 8 X 10 poster, I'll include a 4 X 6 corresponding card.  Collect these each month (and add your own favorite song cards) and you have a great song collection for transition times throughout the day!
  • The Preschool Primer  This is my weekly newsletter, The Preschool Primer, which has 
  • Interest learning center information and ideas.
  • Articles and ideas to stay current in the field.
  • Organizational tips (such as how to organize your magazine collection!).
  • Notification of new pages or resources added to the website before anyone else!
  • Theme suggestions for next month sent out to you by the 10th of THIS month!

As you can see, being a free Club Member has it's benefits!

And, as a thank you for becoming a member, I'll send you my Lesson Planning Forms Packet!  These are the forms I use to plan themes!

A daily form to list all the materials you need for the day and room to print the details of each activity.  

It also includes the weekly planning form!

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There is so much information on this site I wanted to help you navigate it a bit!  There are 5 main sections:
Preschool Themes, Understanding Preschoolers, Teacher Toolbox, Directors, and the Shop!  Click any image below to check out each section!  

You'll also find these by hovering over the navigation bars (the orange bars) across the top of each page. 

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